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Why have pre-literate applications?

We want kids to be engaged with their laptops. Even if they cannot yet read. We need some applications which will be compelling to such schoolkids. Having a convenient and low-cost social application vaguely akin to MySpace would seem a natural.

Consequences of providing a social networking application

Whatever a kid produces can be appreciated and admired by classmates and parents. Comparisons with other kid's products can motivate learning to arrange, annotate, manipulate, and present in even more compelling form. Even without obvious educational content, this will develop interest in reading and practice in skills which will assist in cooperative class projects etc.

Other uses of home pages and slide shows with sound tracks

If the ap permits construction of a slide show with vocal annotation, it could also be used to create educational material for school and beyond. The first application might be to offer instruction in using the application itself.

Teaching kids to read, reading to kids

Kids love stories. Laptops do not tire of telling the same loved story again and again. Older kids who can read can provide Interpretive Reading of popular stories. Annotating the text with a bouncing ball or other emphasis of the words being spoken might help kids learn to read.

Problems with using material with sound tracks

Wait, do we need earphones so audio can be used even with others present?

Sharing presentations on the big screen (wall)

Would some of the classrooms have a DLP projector and speakers for a whole classroom of watchers?

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