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This is a draft and a random idea - comments welcome on the proposal.

School server development doesn't have many people working on it right now. I'm guessing that part of this is the high activation energy required to set up a machine for such usage. To lower the barrier, it might be nice to identify one or two inexpensive small form factor PCs that work well as school servers - for instance:

  • Boots from USB, ample number of USB ports
  • Works nicely with active antennas
  • Boots from CD drive
  • 300GB hard drive
  • etc.

and then offer "preinstalled school servers" - that is, if people purchase a machine and have it shipped to a location, and pay for shipping from that location to their house, volunteers at that location will take the machine, flash the school server build on it, test it with active antennae, configure it, pre-seed it with a library, etc. and then ship it to the final end-user.

Note that the same can be done for inexpensive laptops/desktops pre-flashed with Sugar and all sorts of useful dev tools.

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