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Consider external hosting first

OLPC has limited resources and no longer offers a wide-reaching hosting program. In most cases, you are better off getting your project hosted elsewhere, for example:

  • Sugar Labs provides hosting for anything and everything related to Sugar Note: Most of SugarLabs development has migrated to github. Currently should be considered read-only for archival purposes.
  • Fedora provides hosting for Fedora-related projects
  • Gitorious and GitHub provide free git hosting for open-source projects

OLPC hosting

OLPC provides a shell account on for trusted contributors. This offers:

  • Shell access, high bandwidth internet connection, plentiful disk space
  • Web hosting as
  • Git hosting as git:// (and the possibility to contribute to 'global' projects hosted in git)
  • Access to contribute to RPM dropboxes

Apply for an account

Send a mail to the devel mailing list requesting access. Attach your public RSA2 ssh key. Having already contributed to OLPC, your name and contributions should be already familiar within the community, but include a brief note about your current and future work anyway.


Chris Ball runs the show. Queries should be sent to the devel mailing list.

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