Projectizing Projects


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Projectizing Projects


The list of projects at Category:Open projects needs to be cleaned up. Ideally each of these concepts would be fleshed out into a complete wiki page (like this one) starting with the Open Projects template available here.

Help wanted

The best way to get started is to simply jump in and start creating pages!

  1. Go to the Category:Open projects page
  2. Find a project listed on the page that you would like to describe
  3. Type a name for this new Open Project in the form box and click New Page
  4. Fill in the template with as much information as you have about the project

Who to contact for more info

This project is a collaboratively organized undertaking, so the best way to get started is to just dive in and introduce yourself.

  • Mailing list - The best list to discuss this project on would be the Library list [1]
  • IRC channel - #olpc
  • Other forms of communication - Feel free to ask questions of Seth(isforinsects on irc) if you need any help getting started
    • Please add your name here if you would like to answer questions about this topic
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