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Evaluation of the OLPC with Usability Engineering

Name: Carlos Mauro Cardenas Fernandez



My proposal is:

Making a comparative study of usability with the OLPC Sugar and WINDOWS. Through TEST usability in a marginal urban population of Lima, Peru. With a sample of 6 boys and 6 girls. With 1 test pilot, 1 test in sugar and 1 test in windows. From 6 to 8 years.

My hypothesis is that girls will adapt faster to use Sugar than boys.

The result would help improve the potential problems that have graphical interfaces for Sugar.

I would like to complement this with my APP Google Summer Code

The tests were conducted on the use of basic programs such as text editor or webcam.

Using as an activity subject recopilacion games flash project huascaran could be used in the implementation of the programme.

The activity will take the recommendations of the creation of a type. Activity testing template of wiki laptop. And recommendation from Nielsen and Rubin.

The Test usability will be:

  • take a picture.
  • send a picture to friend.
  • record a video.
  • send the video.
  • search a video or picture.

The Gantt Chart

WBS Name Work

  • 1 Research Usability WebCam and Learning 10d
  • 2 Create Activity Test Usability 10d
  • 3 Create conection UsaTestVNC.xo 30d
  • 4 Using X for take log 15d
  • 5 Report by Html 26d
  • 6 Report by PyPlot 33d
  • 7 Documentation 12d
  • 8 Heuristic methods and Usability engine 17d
  • 9 Corrections 4d
  • 10 Interactions and Test Usability 10d
  • 11 Close 1d

Usability Test

The First Usability Test Pilot

Thanks to infordata. I have a classmate with ubuntu

The first test usability were a classmate with sugar. This is a other desktop for Gnu/Ubuntu

The Test were take for the boy Hector with five years old.

Prototype for test usability of OLPC and Classmate

Some into this presentation

For the moment more info in my blog.

About me

I am Using computers since 2000. I worked of graphic designer as well as web designer into 4 years. I konw programming languages such as PHP, Python, asp, perl, java,c.

I enter the world of free software in 2002 and belong to the association of Peruvian FOSS APESOL.

I Participated in national congresses as CONEIS 2005 and 2007 with projects cdlive with streaming multimedia and e-Procurement for Mypes.

This project is the execution of my graduate thesis at my university. I already have two and a half years on exploring the topic of usability.

I know the issue of implementation of the OLPC in Peru. Last year we made a field study in the pilot ARAHUAY for our university. The evaluation we made the with two professors of computer for children.

Now i am participate into Google Summer Code for PostNuke for App Usability & Accessability Overhaul mentored by Steffen Voß

I tried to participate in the season from openusability. I do not check the deadline was over</p>

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