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This one has been setup and the machines have been shared among other OLPC ph developers.

Most of the XO-1 are tested to work with large regular laptops with Sugar OS and worked fine.

Our machines are distributed among other developers now.

---For Year 2010

From 2007 now at 2010... The Plan is to Do Hardware Testing and Development, help the QA, and also develop new applications and games for children. And find more ways of applying the XO into life-saving and life-securing services.

This will include but not limited to enhanced medication applications, intelligent timing systems and more.

New updated hardware will be shared with some key developers of e-Kindling.

Also a joint effort with some of the System Engineers who are willing to participate will invited to join the team of development projects. Yes, you heard it, Projects, we will expand development for further deployment of educational machines in the Philippines and help e-Kindling's movement too.

- Rowen Remis R. Iral

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