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Python Project

This is the dawn of the Python programming language and the Python Project.

About Pyhton

Python is a remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains. Python is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Ruby, Scheme or Java. Some of its key distinguishing features include:

   * very clear, readable syntax
   * strong introspection capabilities
   * intuitive object orientation
   * natural expression of procedural code
   * full modularity, supporting hierarchical packages
   * exception-based error handling
   * very high level dynamic data types
   * extensive standard libraries and third party modules for virtually every task
   * extensions and modules easily written in C, C++ (or Java for Jython, or .NET languages 
     for IronPython)
   * embeddable within applications as a scripting interface

Python Blog

A blog on Python is created. Python programmers of all level are requested to enlighten all the other python newbie members.


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