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Current situation

Nowadays traffic controlling in mesh networking is not quite solved. Network can act well when there are not many laptops. But the more there are machines the more difficult it is to control traffic and the mere possibility of message passing.

Usual way of traffic controlling is observing part of network without taking into account the whole one. Unfortunately when a network is wide there can be problems. First of all it can lead to a non-optimal path selection and routing. That can cause congestion and not-shortest paths.

Another variant is to control the whole network. This means not only developing more sophisticated algorithms but also thinking about the time of processing. Such algorithms should still be quick enough to provide QoS of high level. Another side of the problem are limited laptop resources.


In modern world the requirements only grow. Now we need the possibility to arrange mesh networks with large number of nodes (laptops). The main idea is to arrange such networks with regard to Quality of Service. This means both providing reserving the resources and guaranteed service quality.

It is possible to regulate traffic of network of known diameter. It can be only a part of network. Inside such sub-network we can provide the required quality including the amount of controlling traffic.By changing the network diameter value it is possible to change the part of network which is controlled the best way up to the whole network.

The idea is to provide the technique of network controlling in regard to the maximum amount of controlling traffic. The architecture of network can change with different speed, number of nodes can also change. No matter what the user of network can do, the controlling traffic won't exceed its required maximum value.

Main goals

My aim is to create the technique of effective mesh networking for XO laptops. QoS is the main goal.

The technique will guarantee next features:

  • the amount of controlling traffic not more than it is required
  • taking into account the whole network architecture


In future it is suggested to change the maximum controlling traffic value automatically according to the architecture, the way it changes and the amount of whole traffic.

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