RIT honors seminar, developing for the OLPC XO/13 March 2009


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On 13 March 2009, adjunct faculty member Eric M. Grace, instructed the first OLPC Development seminar. Introductions, Seminar outline, Online tools, and development goals were discussed to build the foundation of the course. Focus on collaboration, communication, and creativity was key in fostering an innovative and productive learning environment.

A presentation provided the framework of the seminar discussion and can be downloaded here. .ppt.zip (1.9 MB) .odp (1.75 MB)

Edited chat session notes:

*** FGrose joined irc.freenode.net #fedora-olpc 
13 March 2009	
10:18	FGrose	The Math4 project class in Rochester, NY is underway, is there anyone here listening for this?	
10:22	Nashella	FGrose: I am :)	
10:22	FGrose	Ok great, Introductions and background on OLPC are underway.	
10:24	FGrose	Eric Grace is instructing. His background is with K-12 in Rochester city schools, and then work on technology outreach for disadvantaged children in  Rochester	
10:25		*** daveb joined #fedora-olpc i=daveb@you.dontlike.us 	
10:25	FGrose	Digital Ripple was one of his projects	
10:27	FGrose	http://www.download3k.com/Press-City-of-Rochester-Unveils-Free-Outdoor-Wi-Fi.html is a newspaper article about that project	
10:29	FGrose	Professor Stephen Jacobs is the class leader, not present today. http://www.rit.edu/news/index.php?p=experts&action=viewexpert&id=70	
10:30	FGrose	Students are introducing themselves, there are maybe 50-60 percent from outside of Rochester.	
10:33	FGrose	There are giving some of the reasons they chose to take this course at RIT.	
10:34	FGrose	I'll try to profile them.	
10:34	FGrose	Greg S., graduate student in computer science, reasons: taking open source to its potential, wants to be part of the OLPC project in some way.	
10:34		*** gregdek joined #fedora-olpc n=gdk@nat/redhat/x-50a93d5577b30098 	
10:35	Nashella  How many students are there?	
10:36	FGrose	There are about 20 in the class now.	
10:36		*** KarlieRobinson joined #fedora-olpc n=karlie@webpath.net 	
10:37	FGrose	Ajmal I. from Afghanistan, interested partly because of an OLPC deployment project starting there.	
10:38	FGrose	Dennis 5th year CS student, now Networking, wants to know more about OLPC and have fun.	
10:39	FGrose	Abbi H. works with 2nd graders, from Delaware, Information Security & Forensics student	
10:40	FGrose	Eric Grace is commenting about different learning styles.	
10:41	FGrose	John S. Computer Science	
10:41	FGrose	Anthony K,	
10:42	FGrose	Mithchell D, Computer Science, interested in low-cost computers, python, new platforms.	
10:42		*** ke4qqq joined #fedora-olpc n=ke4qqq@uclug.org 	
10:44	FGrose	Doug C, senior, from Ohio, owns an XO, Applied Networking & Systems Admin student
10:44	KarlieRobinson	FGrose: are these the students?	
10:50	FGrose	Hi Karlie, yes, these are the students	
10:50	KarlieRobinson	excellent - I'll be over just as class is ending too - mostly to grab our XOs but also for questions
10:46	FGrose	Nick C, CS Albany, NY area, wants to contribute back to open source	
10:47		ke4qqq is very confused	
10:47	ke4qqq	but we'll gladly put Doug and Nick to work	
10:47	FGrose	Jamison F, Information Security & Forensics, interested in Mesh networking and potential for disaster relief applications	
10:48	FGrose	David P, ISF student, Pennsylvania, 	
10:48	FGrose	Chris D, SE	
10:49	FGrose	Eric M, CS likes promoting OLPC education goals	
10:51	FGrose	I've missed a few students, they'll be in follow-up notes some place to be announced	
10:51		*** edmcnierney_away is now known as edmcnierney	
10:51	KarlieRobinson	We can make a Who's Who in the wiki too	
10:52	FGrose	George T, 4th year CS thinks its cool to help out open source education	
10:53	FGrose	Eric Grace is speaking about the importance of collaboration	
10:53	ke4qqq	FGrose: how many students in the class?	
10:54	FGrose	19 students in the room now + Eric Grace and Fred Grose.
10:54	FGrose	more students may be added in coming week.	
10:55	ke4qqq	cool	
10:56	FGrose	speaking about web resources right now, 1) http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Rochester,_NY	
10:57	FGrose	classroom has networked workstations, and everyone will connect and learn about online resources they will need to access.	
10:59	FGrose	2) http://laptop.org/en/index.shtml	
10:59		ke4qqq hopes irc is mentioned soon	
11:00	FGrose	3) covering XO hardware briefly, http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XO		
11:02	FGrose	+1 student auditor walked in just now.
11:07	vwbusguy        FGrose, you should show off application sharing and mesh networking :-)	
11:09	FGrose	4) irc.freenode.net #fedora-olpc  Trying to get some students there now. 
11:09		*** BrianLong joined #fedora-olpc i=81151c0b@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-b98e6a816bc8ab4c (Mibbit)	
11:10	vwbusguy	ke4qqq, XO needs a good IRC utility	
11:10	ke4qqq	vwbusguy: there is one xoirc	
11:10	vwbusguy	ke4qqq, !!	
11:11	ke4qqq	whether it's good or not is a matter of opinion	
11:11	vwbusguy	ke4qqq, I tried using irssi. Not much fun.	
11:11	ke4qqq	irssi is great	
11:11	vwbusguy	lol	
11:11		*** mib_dtafpb joined #fedora-olpc i=81151c0f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-dde693eace0bcc2d (Mibbit)	
11:11	vwbusguy	I'm an xchat fanboi.	
11:11	BrianLong	Is this the meeting with the RIT class?	
11:11	ke4qqq	BrianLong: yep	
11:12	FGrose	Yes, class session right now in Room 2000 B-70 RIT	
11:12	FGrose	5) http://sugarlabs.org/go/Main_Page	
11:13	FGrose	(Reviewing online resources.)	
11:14	ke4qqq	two mibbit people joining in last 5 minutes - are you guys both from RIT?	
11:14	FGrose	6) http://sugarlabs.org/go/Math4	
11:14	KarlieRobinson	I have a who's who page, but my wiki tables are a mess - fee free to fix them - http://sugarlabs.org/go/Math4/WhosWho#Who.27s_Who.3F	
11:14	BrianLong	Awesome	
11:15	FGrose	7) http://delicious.com/maths4olpc/	
11:17	FGrose	Eric Grace is describing delicious as an link hub that he will be using to post homework and other things.	
11:19		*** rit_nate joined #fedora-olpc n=nate@blackmagic.rit.edu 	
11:21	FGrose	Each student is asked to start a page/subpage there.	
11:24	FGrose	Eric Grace is explaining how delicious works, and RIT's myspaces system, https://honors.rit.edu/amitraywiki/index.php/Main_Page
11:25		*** rit_nate quit (Remote closed the connection) n=nate@blackmagic.rit.edu 	
11:27	FGrose	Discussion on importance of reaping information from the www.	
11:31	KarlieRobinson	I'm about to saddle up and head over to RIT. Be there shortly.	
11:32		*** KarlieRobinson left #fedora-olpc n=karlie@webpath.net 	
11:34	FGrose	Eric is now speaking of the limitations of the 10-week class duration and the importance of seizing tools and opportunities rapidly.	
11:35	FGrose	...reminding everyone that project work will continue in the community after classes end in May.
11:35		*** sdziallas joined #fedora-olpc n=sebastia@p57A2B243.dip.t-dialin.net 	 
11:36	FGrose	Success comes from what is learned by all as well as from what software or procedures are actually produced.	
11:38	FGrose	Greg S. is advising on how to use delicious network groups and links more efficiently.	
11:39		*** mib_dtafpb quit ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") i=81151c0f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-dde693eace0bcc2d 	
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11:41	FGrose	Class assessments will be based on participation, completion of assignments, effectiveness of collaboration, creative problem-solving skills, quality of prototypes & final presentation.	
11:44	FGrose	Individual delicious accounts are recommended and then set up forwarding protocols with for: (instrutions elsewhere)	
11:46		*** sdziallas quit ("Ex-Chat") n=sebastia@p57A2B243.dip.t-dialin.net 	
11:48	FGrose	We are now sharing some SoaS and VirtualBox disc images.	
11:52		*** qalthos quit ("Leaving") n=nate@blackmagic.rit.edu 	
11:57		*** unmadindu quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) n=sayamind@gnu-india/admin/unmadindu 	
12:15	FGrose	Class has been dismissed.
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