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See RIT honors seminar, developing for the OLPC XO/Reference Activities/Games for the quick evaluations. (Evaluators, please tune up the Eric's brief notes.)

(Sorry, the transcript buffer filled and overflowed, so we lost the first 7 minutes or so from this copy.)

Karlie Robinson is the guest speaker and she was introducing open source development concepts to the seminar.

Picking up on an how open source development propagates...

irc.freenode.net #fedora-olpc: (edited for clarity)
10:09	FGrose	Open source allows user appropriation of tools
10:09	FGrose	How does open source development work?...
10:09	FGrose	Most important is communication!!!
10:10	FGrose	Hundreds of people are potential collaborators, from anywhere around the world
10:11	FGrose	For this seminar there are 3 primary communication channels: #fedora-olpc, #sugar on freenode.net,
10:12	FGrose	and FouthGradeMath@lists.sugarlabs.org
10:12	FGrose	

10:14 FGrose It is left to the students to discover software version control mechanisms 10:14 FGrose Do your homework by reading the mailing list and wikis 10:15 FGrose Writing is important--leave a trail of your efforts, so others can follow or avoid the deadends you've discovered 0:16 FGrose page publication is easy on the wiki. Use your user_page 10:16 FGrose Open source development is designed to be a rapid succession of failures (with the good parts surviving) 10:17 FGrose Fix and break...fix & break... 10:17 FGrose keep up momemtum, don't look for immediate perfection 10:18 FGrose others will jump in and help when they see fixes to problems 10:19 wwdillingham does the olpc have an irc client? 10:19 FGrose Use search tools! they are your friend 10:1910:19 AnthonyLubr-809d @wwdillingham Yes it does. Its on the wiki. 10:20 FGrose wwdillingham there is one on olpc, XOirc, and Sugar, IRC 5 10:20 *** AnthonyLubr-809d is now known as [RIT] 10:21 *** [RIT] is now known as RIT_Echo 10:21 FGrose Pidgin and other irc clients are being discussed 10:22 FGrose Karlie is open for questions... 10:22 FGrose what if we did a co-jam? 10:23 FGrose Tomeu is getting lauded to the group 10:24 FGrose There is a 24-hour development cycle in open source as communities in each longitude arise, go to work, and retire. 10:25 FGrose The OLPC software platform is now based in Fedora community efforts 10:26 FGrose We are 7 weeks into the Math4 project now. The ramp up has been rapid with RIT coming on board. 10:26 FGrose git.sugarlabs.org is the repository to use 10:28 FGrose #sugar is busy day in and day out with development discussions 10:29 FGrose Collaboration among people from all possible fields and skill types is useful 10:32 FGrose Some students may be focused at networking or collaboration models 10:33 Kennedy_RIT Hello 10:33 Neablis Hello 10:33 Kennedy_RIT hows you?

10:33 FGrose

10:34 FGrose Karlie is going home, but will jump onto irc in a few minutes when she gets there. 10:35 Kennedy_RIT GReat 10:37 FGrose Each student is getting a random reference to a game or activity. They are asked to investigate and report on what they find. in the next 5 - 10 minutes 10:39 FGrose On line offerings: Social Calc. could we build partial spread sheets in it for students to work on math Curriculum projects together? 10:40 FGrose 2.) E paath: One example of text adventure stuff. Is it just a reader or a platform for building too? How well does it run? 10:41 FGrose 3.)Guideo Von Robot: Look at it to see if it makes sense to build math related activities for students to try to program within Guido 10:41 Kennedy_RIT My name is Kennedy, i will be report my analyst of Cobble 10:42 FGrose Kennedy_RIT: Please post a link when you have one.

10:43 wwdillingham ok so I received "kuku"
 which immediately is clearly a math program (similar to number munchers; 
), from what i infer it poses a math problem "4 - 7 =" and populates a grid with possible solution. The point of the game is to navigate your charachter to the corerct point in the

10:43 wwdillingham grid and eat as many correct answers as possible. 10:43 *** KarlieRobinson joined #fedora-olpc n=karlie@webpath.net

10:44 Kennedy_RIT i found cobble on

10:44 wwdillingham This is pretty similar to the multiplication minute problem i presented at the user group last night... as time challenge. This would obviously be ideal if it was a race amongst the members of a class 10:46 Epsilon1 is it possible to add exceptions for "invalid security certificate" errors in browse on the XO? I'm attemtping to download Dr. Geo through the sugar labs wiki, and both install links lead to an invalid cert. page. The add exception button seems to do nothing, whereas other firefox distros actually go through with adding the exception 10:46 jrg6437_RIT The program I was given to research is Frotz. This appears to be a type of platform that can be used to display and play games. It's used mainly for old Infocom games. They were simple text based games. This maybe okay for our needs, but I'm not sure if we'll be able to incorporate graphics. Frotz overview: http://frotz.sourceforge.net/ .

10:48 jrg6437_RIT It appears Frotz is an adaptation of an early Virtual Machine called a Z-Machine,
. Specifically this was also developed to run Infocom games.

10:48 wwdillingham were any of these games math based jrg6437_RIT 10:48 wwdillingham ? 10:49 Kennedy_RIT ** im having trouble installing the game i am reviewing... lol... need help...

10:51 RIT_Echo I recieved "Science Collections". There are a bunch of books on the wiki
 but I'm not surewhat exactly he wants here, since there are math books too.

10:51 *** wwdillingham is now known as WesDillingham 10:51 *** WesDillingham is now known as WesDillingham_RI 10:52 *** daveb joined #fedora-olpc i=daveb@you.dontlike.us 10:52 *** jsanger joined #fedora-olpc n=GDDAdmin@cl1-08.it.rit.edu 10:52 *** WesDillingham_RI is now known as WesD_RIT 10:53 WesD_RIT im indecisive.. 10:54 jrg6437_RIT @wwdillingham / WesDillingham / WesDillingham_RI / WesD_RIT....shew that's quite a few names. There don't appear to be any math games developed currently for Frotz. 10:54 WesD_RIT funny 10:54 jrg6437_RIT The games are more text based adventure games. 10:54 *** RIT_Echo is now known as Echo_RIT 10:55 WesD_RIT i dont think fourth graders will be so interested in dungeon and dragons kind of deals, they def need some visual stimulation 10:55 bbl5660 ping Echo_RIT 10:55 bbl5660 Echo_RIT ping

10:55 jrg6437_RIT You see still frame picture a click it and are given an explanation of what to do next or information on what you just did. Here's an iPhone adaptation with images:

10:55 *** mchua joined #fedora-olpc n=mchua@pool-71-184-185-189.bstnma.east.verizon.net 10:55 WesD_RIT i think "/ping" 10:55 bbl5660 :-/ I'm a noob 10:55 bbl5660 ah 10:55 mchua waves - hey, KarlieRobinson. 10:56 KarlieRobinson Hey Mel 10:56 Kennedy_RIT how do i change my name???? 10:56 Kennedy_RIT name kennedy 10:56 mchua KarlieRobinson: is your presentation today? 10:56 bbl5660 Echo_RIT /ping 10:56 Kennedy_RIT #ERROR! 10:56 jrg6437_RIT The nice thing about Frotz is they've made it extremely portable. There's a windows version, unix version, palm os version...etc. 10:56 bbl5660 I fail... 10:56 mchua Kennedy_RIT: /name kennedy 10:56 Kennedy_RIT Kennedy_RIT ping 10:56 Kennedy_RIT lol 10:56 mchua Kennedy_RIT: you need the / 10:56 KarlieRobinson mchua:I did Ithaca College Ed Tech Yesterday and I just got back from RIT 10:56 bbl5660 so? <user><space>/ping ? 10:56 mchua welcome to IRC, to all y'all who are new to it! 10:57 Kennedy_RIT #ERROR! 10:57 KarlieRobinson EdTech=OLPC what if? and RIT=FOSS dev 10:57 bbl5660 I am VERY new to this! 10:57 Kennedy_RIT im new to IRC also 10:57 Kennedy_RIT ME TOO!! *HIGH FIVE* 10:57 mchua bbl5660: if you just write a message with someone's name, they'll see it highlighted (like this one) 10:57 KarlieRobinson bbl5660: the most important part is that their name shows up in the convo 10:57 Kennedy_RIT wait 10:57 mchua KarlieRobinson: awesome. how'd it go? 10:57 bbl5660 Thank you guys for helping out the rookie 10:57 KarlieRobinson Ping, pong and the like aren't as critical 10:57 jFinney_RIT Infoslicer is a tool to assist instructors in creating offline browser packages that can be distributed to students. The activity can package text and images. Once the package is complete, it is saved as a .xol file and saved into the journal. 10:57 Kennedy_RIT you have to write their name also? 10:57 KarlieRobinson Standing room only at EdTech 10:57 *** jsanger is now known as Jsanger_RIT 10:58 KarlieRobinson I just threw the RIT guys to the wolves so time will tell 10:58 *** breen is now known as BReen_RIT 10:58 mchua Kennedy_RIT: yeah - see how I'm putting your nick in this message, so it probably shows up as bold or red or something? 10:59 mchua Jsanger_RIT: BReen_RIT Echo_RIT etc - usually folks have names without the "RIT" (or their school or company) unless they want to be permanently identified with that institution, for the record 10:59 mchua Jsanger_RIT: BReen_RIT Echo_RIT (so jsanger, breen, and echo would be totally cool) 10:59 BReen_RIT noted, thanks 10:59 *** BReen_RIT is now known as breen 10:59 mchua but it's your nick, so it's totally your call.

11:00 FGrose Here is our test Justin.tv channel:

11:00 Kennedy_RIT i see mchua 11:00 Kennedy_RIT OOHH 11:00 Kennedy_RIT what if the name is really long 11:00 Echo_RIT Yeah, I usually put the RIT tag on my handle in game, like my Steam handle, so I'm used to it. 11:00 mchua Kennedy_RIT: tab autocomplete - most irc clients have it 11:00 mchua Kennedy_RIT: try typing the letter k, then hit tab 11:00 FGrose Some one have a webcam & mic? 11:00 mchua Kennedy_RIT: see what happens 11:00 Kennedy_RIT Kennedy_RIT: 11:00 *** jrg6437_RIT is now known as Jeremiah_Green 11:01 Kennedy_RIT awesoome! 11:01 mchua Kennedy_RIT: see, less typing :) 11:01 Kennedy_RIT mchua: 11:01 Kennedy_RIT #ERROR! 11:01 Kennedy_RIT this is awesome 11:01 KarlieRobinson You guys thought we spoke in person - this is in person 11:02 Kennedy_RIT great, what color is my hair 11:02 mchua Kennedy_RIT: excellent. and if there's more than one person that starts with a letter, you can either type more letters (type 'ke' or 'ka' before tab to choose between kennedy and karlie) or hit tab multiple times. 11:02 mchua Kennedy_RIT: well, your nick is purple, in my irc client. ;) 11:02 mchua Who else is new here? 11:03 mchua everyone's in the math4 class? (what are you calling it?) 11:03 Kennedy_RIT i am 11:03 mchua KarlieRobinson: it's *awesome* to see so many new people on IRC - you totally rock. 11:03 Echo_RIT I don't know, it has some oddly long name. 11:04 *** jFinney_RIT is now known as jFinney 11:06 eldrac I'm new here and in the class :) 11:07 WesD_RIT you guys think we could post to the delicious (if not done already) all of these games we looked up 11:07 breen seconded 11:07 mchua WesD_RIT: totally. 11:07 mchua eldrac: welcome! 11:08 Kennedy_RIT WesD_RIT: i am actually having trouble adding to delicious 11:08 *** KarlieRobinson1 joined #fedora-olpc n=karlie@webpath.net 11:08 mchua if you folks are thinking of making sugar activities, the #sugar channel is another good place to hang out (watch at first, ask questions if you have any, the usual) 11:08 mchua KarlieRobinson: did you get my pm earlier or should i resend to your new nick? 11:09 mchua KarlieRobinson1: did you get my pm earlier or should i resend to your new nick? 11:09 Kennedy_RIT mchua: you seem very active here, who might you be? 11:09 KarlieRobinson1 mchua: Having bandwidth issues this am 11:09 KarlieRobinson1 PM to the new 11:09 KarlieRobinson1 Sorry 11:09 WesD_RIT what is your delicious issue Kennedy_RIT ? 11:10 *** Neablis left #fedora-olpc n=GDDAdmin@cl1-10.it.rit.edu 11:10 WesD_RIT just to make sure to properly post to the math4olpc delicious, when you post an url you tag it with "for:maths4olpc 11:10 WesD_RIT " 11:12 Kennedy_RIT ic 11:12 Kennedy_RIT i will try that out 11:14 WesD_RIT is it an error that the delcious is maths4olpc and not math4olpc?

11:15 Kennedy_RIT WesD_RIT: i entered this for:maths4olpc

11:15 Kennedy_RIT but its not really working? 11:15 mchua Kennedy_RIT: I'm usually not active on this channel, actually. I'm from the OLPC/Sugar projects, usually active in #olpc and #sugar. 11:15 breen WesD_RIT: we can pretend that it's math[ematic]s4olpc :) 11:16 Kennedy_RIT lol 11:16 mchua Kennedy_RIT: among other things, I help college groups form olpc and sugar labs chapters and get started on projects, so I was psyched to see things start up at RIT. 11:16 *** bbl5660 is now known as bbl5660_RIT 11:17 Kennedy_RIT mchua: great! thank you for being helpful! because i really need help 11:17 Kennedy_RIT mchua: very new to me 11:19 *** bbl5660_RIT left #fedora-olpc i=81151c02@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1e62de10a4254132 11:20 KarlieRobinson1 Sorry guys, but I need to run. Time to pick up my little one at pre-school 11:20 *** bbl5660_RIT joined #fedora-olpc i=81151c02@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1e62de10a4254132 (Mibbit) 11:20 WesD_RIT so i hear MIT has disgarded JAVA and replaced it with python for their intro programming courses. Sure wish RIT had done that 11:20 *** KarlieRobinson quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) n=karlie@webpath.net 11:21 cjb they replaced Scheme, not Java :) 11:21 cjb MIT 11:21 Kennedy_RIT #ERROR! 11:21 Kennedy_RIT RIT>MIT 11:21 cjb MIT's always taught a weird first language like that.. they want everyone to be at the same point when they start, I think. 11:22 WesD_RIT I think they also only have pass/fail first year, where was that my freshmen year sheesh 11:23 Kennedy_RIT lol 11:23 Echo_RIT I hear they're considering adding Python and C to the base level programming courses for IT, but thats just a rumor. 11:24 *** KarlieRobinson1 left #fedora-olpc n=karlie@webpath.net 11:25 breen Echo_RIT: for IT, really? strange, considering the number of people in the dept. who want nothing to do with coding 11:25 Kennedy_RIT how do i find the ip for my ox 11:25 FGrose Firewall seems to block Justin.tv The Connection check passes, but "Attempting to connect to server..." persists on the status bar. 11:25 ke4qqq don't let mchua fool you, she has or has had her hand in just about everything related to OLPC 11:25 Echo_RIT breen: Yeah, well we have three levels of Java as is, so why not? 11:25 WesD_RIT in the terminal "ifconfig" 11:25 mchua ke4qqq: with job titles that totally don't reflect that at all. ;) 11:25 ke4qqq does fare more than just help college groups and sugar labs chapters 11:26 ke4qqq indeed! 11:26 ke4qqq s/fare/far/ 11:26 breen Echo_RIT: were i leery of programming, i'd certainly prefer Java over C 11:27 breen Echo_RIT: pointers would make design kids angry :F 11:28 Echo_RIT breen: lol, Java is such a fat language though. 11:28 Jeremiah_Green Echo_RIT / breen : I didn't hear about that for the IT dept., but I thought the CS dept. had already started with it. 11:28 Echo_RIT Jeremiah_Green: Maybe, I just heard it a while ago, an I'm in IT, so I wouldn't know for sure. 11:29 breen Jeremiah_Green: that wouldn't surprise me, as i believe there are some CS courses that push all sorts of additional languages 11:29 *** sdziallas_ joined #fedora-olpc n=sebastia@p57A2DFF2.dip.t-dialin.net 11:29 qalthos what? Switching away from Java? 11:29 qalthos is not following this conversation well 11:29 breen qalthos: that's the rumor 11:30 qalthos not that I've seen 11:30 Echo_RIT Jeremiah_Green / breen : CS in general pushes all sorts of languages. 11:30 qalthos not as much as you seem to think, I think 11:30 breen Echo_RIT: of course -- theory over practice 11:32 Echo_RIT I do want to pick up more Python, but i have a feeling this class will do that for me :) 11:32 FGrose Eric is putting up some poster paper to have provisional teams gather at the "napkin" 11:32 Kennedy_RIT *brb* 11:33 WesD_RIT poor trees 11:33 Echo_RIT Yeah, ditto. So many sheets of paper... 11:33 Jeremiah_Green Echo_RIT : I started in Comp. Eng. and we did all java back then, but I heard that last year they either did or were thinking of changing the intro languages to C. Not sure if it ever happened. I'm in IT now as well 11:33 Kennedy_RIT *writing on the floor... napkins* 11:33 Echo_RIT Jeremiah_Green: Yeah, I just got into IT this year. I was Biotechnology last year... 11:37 Kennedy_RIT *we got interrupted by a schoool tour 11:37 Echo_RIT grr 11:45 *** sdziallas quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) n=sebastia@p57A2FC33.dip.t-dialin.net 11:47 *** sdziallas_ is now known as sdziallas 11:52 *** Epsilon1 quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) n=Anthony@ 11:52 *** Jsanger_RIT left #fedora-olpc n=GDDAdmin@cl1-08.it.rit.edu 11:53 Kennedy_RIT peace out guys 11:53 mchua is much amused by reading along with this 11:53 *** Kennedy_RIT quit ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") i=81151c03@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-3b63e237bc10817f 11:54 *** eldrac quit ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") i=81151c11@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-99212ec07cf779e6 11:54 *** Echo_RIT quit (Remote closed the connection) n=urk@olpc.rit.edu 11:58 *** bbl5660_RIT quit ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") i=81151c02@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1e62de10a4254132 11:59 *** jFinney quit (Remote closed the connection) n=urk@ltl-10.rit.edu 11:59 *** qalthos quit ("Leaving") n=nate@ 12:00 *** breen quit ("http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client") i=81151c01@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-9bb9ecf9d0e03d4e

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