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16.04.1 is an OLPC OS release. The target platform is NL3 only.


A list of new features;

  • hardware support for the NL3 laptop,


  • add sugar-erase-bundle feature, for use by deployment script authors,
  • expose a pre-installed activity if a post-installed activity is erased,


See 16.04.1#Installation.

The default desktop is Unity. To switch to Sugar, log out of the Unity desktop, and then log in with the Sugar desktop selected. The desktop choice icon is highlighted below;


Known Problems

Wireless unavailable on first boot

Wireless is not available immediately after completing the Ubuntu System Configuration steps. Happens on every laptop once. Workaround is to reboot. Tracked by Ubuntu as #1573474.

Sugar startup graphics corruption

The first graphics drawn by Sugar after a reboot may be incomplete. Happens one every five times.

An update fixes this, please see Updates, below.

Sugar Browse activity hangs and stops

The Browse activity may stop responding for several seconds, and then vanish.

An update fixes this, please see Updates, below.

Sugar Write activity flicker

The top of the Write activity begins to flicker once text is typed.

An update fixes this, please see Updates, below.


Since release, many updates are available.

On the Ubuntu Unity desktop, select Ubuntu Software, then Update.

Or, in Terminal, type:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Some updates need a reboot to take effect.


Sugar desktop:

with Frame and Audio device opened:

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