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At this point, we really don't have any replacements other than warranty return.

Official OLPC spare parts are currently available from the independent vendors and .

You can bring the whole laptop and charger to a Radio Shack store or shop online use M tip part number 273-1716. Or take your XO to another comprehensive electronics store like Circuit City to find an alternative charger.

Some IBM power adapters have the same power connector as the XO adapter. Adapters known to work are the Thinkpad 600E, X20, X40 and probably all adapters for the T and X series until Lenovo branding. Good sources for IBM adapters are eBay.

From our wiki, the DC power connector is:

DC power: 5.5mm (2.1mm center pin) connector; 11 to 18 V input usable, –32 to +40V input tolerated; power draw limited to 15 W.

What this means is that any charger you find whose tip fits into the XO's power port, and which outputs between 11-18V (preferred) should work beautifully.

In many cases, the power adapter is functional, but the connection between the cord and the plug has been damaged. Those who are comfortable with a soldering iron can try replacement part CP3-1000-ND or SC1052-ND, both available from ($5 USD handling charge applies)

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