Replacing a wireless module


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XO-1.5 or 1.75

There are a number of incompatible WLAN modules which are the same size and use the same miniPCIe connector. The compatible module is only available from OLPC.


  • disassemble the top Disassembly_top
  • unplug the two tiny coax connectors vertically away from the board
  • undo the single screw holding down the module
  • unplug the module from the motherboard
  • reassemble in the reverse order
  • the software may not recognise the module without going through the first boot sequence so either delete /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent* or reflash the operating system

The XO-1.5 WLAN module (p/n ADDEM113001 supercedes the module shown)

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