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This is a template email for recruiting Review squad students. Use and modify as you will.

Dear NAME,

We're looking for a group of young testers to help us review materials for the One Laptop Per Child project library (

Do you have 2 free hours of time over the next week when you can be online? We will have a library of books and games and such to go through, to see what you think of them and how you like them. Are they fun, interesting to play, easy to read? Think of the reviews of movies and books you see in the newspaper, or what you'd say to your friends if they ask you about a new computer game you like playing. We'll be reading books, playing games, and so on, and writing similar reviews so the developers and authors can see whether the things they're making are actually fun and interesting to the kids who will end up using them.

Let me know if you are interested in testing.


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