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These are reviews of The Blue Sky.


"The Blue Sky" is a thoughtful portrayal of a misunderstood girl with a broad imagination. The story was easy to understand and was a nice story about the girl and being reunited with her mother. One thing I would add is a button to change the font size and darker font colors. Another thing I would add is find the book in different languages and post it on there to view as well. The third and final thing I would add is an audio version so you can hear it being spoken out loud. I hope these thoughts will be helpful for the creators of this section. dadoggiedude


I couldn't really read the small print of the book. I suggest making it bigger and bold so it is easier to read. There should also be more books for older kids or more advanced readers. Since this one is made for younger kids. There should also be more books in English. rootbeer

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