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First, a quote from the BBC news article about nine year-old Rufus's experiences with an OLPC laptop in England, of all places.

I had returned from Nigeria not entirely convinced that the XO laptop was quite as wonderful an educational tool as its creators claimed.

I felt that a lot of effort would be needed by hard-pressed teachers before it became more than just a distracting toy for the children to mess around with in class.

But Rufus has changed my mind.

With no help from his Dad, he has learned far more about computers than he knew a couple of weeks ago, and the XO appears to be a more creative tool than the games consoles which occupy rather too much of his time.

Read the rest of it here on the BBC website. And don't forget to click on Rufus's Review in the article to see the video.

We've seen a lot of sceptics attacking the idea of the OLPC laptop without anything to back them up other than theories and opinions. Now it's put up or shut up time. If you really want to know whether the OLPC laptop will succeed as an educational tool, then go ask Rufus. He'll tell you.

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