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Text Messaging
Adviser: Michail Bletsas, Development: Ankur Verma


Why Short Messaging Service

A way to extend communication between XO and mobile phone devices not supporting the Internet Connectivity i.e. the only way possible to communicate with them is through text messages/voice calls.

Its ubiquitous in rural areas because first people prefer cheap cell phones and second text messaging is commonly used. It can be used as an information medium and for communication with others (e.g. Parents).

How does it work?

These are two approaches that I worked on:

1. A modem/GSM AT compliant mobile phone is connected with the School server. It hosts a SMS Gateway which can be accessed by XO through web browser. SMS messages can be received at the school server, but I am still working on forwarding them to particular XO.

XO connected to SMS Gateway through browser
Interface for Sending SMS
Incoming and Outgoing SMS

Development for School Server Solution

SMS Server Tools are used for communicating with the phone and PlaySMS is used for hosting SMS Gateway on the school server.

2. A modem/GSM AT Compliant mobile phone is connected with the XO acting as 'SMS Server'. Chat activity is used to send and receive messages. Other XOs present in the network can share the chat activity running on the XO acting as SMS Server.

Chat activity being used for sending SMS messages
Zoomed View

Development for XO acting as SMS Server

SMS Server Tools are used for communicating with the phone. The Modified Code of the Chat activity can be found here:[1].

Future Work

  • Use Gadget API developed by Guillaume to forward message to a specific XO in the school server scenario
  • Improve upon the XO acting as 'SMS Server' Solution : Get SMS Server tools as a package, Discuss with Chris about effect of daemon on power management and Improve the code design.
  • Change the resolution of pictures :)

Use Cases

These are the cases which will be addressed:

1. Parents could send message to School Server and it could reply about their child location in the form of SMS.

2. Information sent by teachers through their mobile devices is sent to student's XOs. Information can be regarding anything (e.g. results notification, attendance record, assessment deadlines, feedback from tutors and other urgent administrative details)

3. Students can send SMS queries to teachers and to other concerned communities.

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