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Getting into the Configuration


  • Go to a location where it occurs naturally.
    • Around a School server.

Checking that laptops are in the local Configuration

  • The file /etc/resolve.conf should contain:
      search {sever_name}
      nameserver {IP_address}
  • The laptop should have a bad IP address.
    • Another Check: type ifconfig in a terminal.
      • Second line of msh0 has the address.
      • If it starts with 172 or 18, it is good. (169 is bad) (this may not apply to all)
      • Also: laptop should be able to browse the internet.
  • The laptop should see other XO's, connected to the same server.
    • in the future: should only see laptops connected to the same server and not those on other servers, AP's, or local meshes.
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