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OLPC Function Key Mapping, V1.3
Fn Key InactiveFn Key Active
PositionKeyScan Code Set 1Scan Code Set 2Scan Code Set 1Scan Code Set 2
FunctionRow #Key #IndexMakeBreakMakeBreakMakeBreakMakeBreakNOTES
ESC11110018176F0 76E0 01E0 81E0 76E0 F0 76
Search12?E0 79E0 F9E0 64E0 F0 64E0 78E0 F8E0 63E0 F0 63
Function Key 1
F1131123BBB05F0 05E0 3BE0 BBE0 05E0 F0 05
….13.5?E0 77E0 F7E0 62E0 F0 62Note 1
F2141133CBC06F0 06E0 3CE0 BCE0 06E0 F0 06
….14.5?E0 76E0 F6E0 5FE0 F0 5FNote 1
F3151143DBD04F0 04E0 3DE0 BDE0 04E0 F0 04
….15.5?E0 75E0 F5E0 5CE0 F0 5CNote 1
F4161153EBE0CF0 0CE0 3EE0 BEE0 0CE0 F0 0C
Function Key 2
F5171163FBF03F0 03E0 3FE0 BFE0 03E0 F0 03
….17.5?E0 74E0 F4E0 53E0 F0 53Note 1
F61811740C00BF0 0BE0 40E0 C0E0 0BE0 F0 0B
….18.5?E0 73E0 F3E0 51E0 F0 51Note 1
F71911841C183F0 83E0 41E0 C1E0 83E0 F0 83
….19.5?E0 72E0 F2E0 39E0 F0 39Note 1
F811011942C20AF0 0AE0 42E0 C2E0 0AE0 F0 0A
Function Key 3
F911112043C301F0 01E0 43E0 C3E0 01E0 F0 01
….111.5?E0 71E0 F1E0 19E0 F0 19Note 1
F1011212144C409F0 09E0 44E0 C4E0 09E0 F0 09
….112.5?E0 70E0 F0E0 13E0 F0 13Note 1
F1111312257D778F0 78E0 57E0 D7E0 78E0 F0 78Note 2
….113.5?E0 6FE0 EFE0 6FE0 F0 6FNote 1
F1211412358D807F0 07E0 58E0 D8E0 07E0 F0 07Note 2
Bulletin Board115?E0 6EE0 EEE0 57E0 F0 57E0 64E0 E4E0 08E0 F0 08
Frame116129E0 5DE0 DDE0 2FE0 F0 2FE0 5AE0 DAE0 17E0 F0 17Win App.
!/1222028216F0 163BBB05F0 05
@/223303831EF0 1E3CBC06F0 06
#/3244048426F0 263DBD04F0 04
$/4255058525F0 253EBE0CF0 0C
%/526606862EF0 2E3FBF03F0 03
^/6277078736F0 3640C00BF0 0B
&/728808883DF0 3D41C183F0 83
*/829909893EF0 3E42C20AF0 0A
(/9210100A8A46F0 4643C301F0 01
)/0211110B8B45F0 4544C409F0 09
_/-212120C8C4EF0 4E57D778F0 78
+/=213130D8D55F0 5558D807F0 07
Erase214150E8E66F0 66E0 53E0 D3E0 71E0 F0 71Delete
Enter3/4 Insert
R Shift5125736B659 F0 59E0 52E0 D2E0 70E0 F0 70
L Arrow51379E0 4BE0 CBE0 6BE0 F0 75E0 47E0 C7E0 6CE0 F0 6CHome
Language5145673F351F0 517EFE6DF0 6D2nd Lang
Fn615959D90FF0 0F59D90FF0 0FNote 3
L-Grab62127E0 5BE0 DBE0 1FE0 F0 1FE0 5BE0 DBE0 1FE0 F0 1FLeft-Win
Space646139B929F0 29E0 56E0 D6E0 61E0 F0 61View Source
R-Grab66128E0 5CE0 DCE0 27E0 F0 27E0 5CE0 DCE0 27E0 F0 27Right-Win
Up Arrow6783E0 48E0 C8E0 75E0 F0 6BE0 49E0 C9E0 7DE0 F0 7DPg up
Dn Arrow6884E0 50E0 D0E0 72E0 F0 72E0 51E0 D1E0 7AE0 F0 7APg Dn
R Arrow6989E0 4DE0 CDE0 74E0 F0 74E0 4FE0 CFE0 69E0 F0 69End
Note 1 - The keys marked …. are the switches located between the legends on the Function buttons.
Note 2 - Note the extended key handling for F11-F12 to support Fn handling on these keys.
Note 3 - The Fn key both modifies key codes, as above, and produces its own scan code.
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