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Teachers will use the activities in the classes to aid in the teaching-learning process. Since our activities follow the curriculum, the students will be using the same application at the same time. In a typical class, the teacher will start a class with the lesson, and then ask the children to do the activities in the laptop after introducing the concept. Kids can also try out the activities later after school from home or elsewhere. Since the activities will be in the server, it is essential that the network is robust and well-tested. The last thing we want is for kids and teachers to be frustrated by slow and under-performing network.

We have had a number of discussions here about the use of Moodle for manage the activities. The key here is to keep it simple and less cumbersome for teachers and students. In addition to the regular activities that we have on the server, we need to have an easy mechanism for students to store and share their own creations; however, we are thinking that it might be a good idea to wait few months before adding this feature to give time for the kids to get used to the moodle environment.

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