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According to the Wikipedia Show and Tell article...

"Show and tell is the process of showing an audience something and telling them about it and usually done in a classroom. It is an elementary school technique for teaching young children the skills of public speaking. Usually, a child will bring an item from home. They will explain to the class why they chose this item, where they got it, and other relevant information."

Using show and tell in OLPC schools

It could be used in two ways :-

  • Standard way - Just standing up at the front of the class and talking about an object.
  • Using OLPC laptops - The child records a video about an object for viewing on the Mesh or they stand up at the front and present a slide-show with text and photos, viewable on all the laptops at the same time. This would act as a permanent record, for the child and other children to watch again and for children who were absent.


Show-and-Tell is a commonplace classroom activity in American schools, but relatively rare in other countries, such as the UK.

Some of the benefits are :-

  • It build languages skills (first and second language).
  • It provides public-speaking practice (useful later in social, school or work situations).
  • It builds confidence.
  • It improves the listener's language-skills and knowledge.
  • It teaches other children how to do Show and Tell.

Presentation software

Programs would be required for the OLPC laptop to create slide-shows or record and edit videos.

Training video

A training video would be useful, to show teachers and children what a typical session is like and help children prepare for their first Show and Tell session. Less-confident children would need to be introduced to it very gradually, perhaps with a short 1 minute session or 2 or 3 children together for support. If their first experience of it is traumatic, it may put them off for life. Good early experiences would build confidence.

--Ricardo 06:08, 13 August 2007 (EDT)

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