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XO Design


This is a list of Art that is needed for the official and print versions of the Simplified User Guide.

Page 2: Getting Started with the XO

This is the introduction text to the XO from "-the XO team".

Page 3

Facing page to Intro text. Something iconic and linedrawn would be best here. Nothing imparting information because of the density of text on the previous page.

I think that a XO symbol surrounded by the activities' icons in some pleasing shade would be the most appropriate. Something iconic, not explanatory or too complicated. An illustration would work better than a picture.

The image of the girl with the XO on her head wouldn't be bad either.

Page 4

How to open the XO This page number will probably change.

I need a photo series of an XO isolated in a light tent in the stages of being opened:

  1. latches closed (from front, from 45 zoomed in on latch)
  2. latches cracked open (from front, from above, from 45 zoomed in on latch)
  3. hands (hopefully children's) pushing up on the screen and holding down the keyboard as it's opening (do several of these in various angles)
  4. open and off

Page 5

How to put the XO in tablet mode:

  1. close latches
  2. hands rotating it 180 (children's hands, and several steps) (from front and from side)
  3. completely rotated (from various positions)
  4. hands closing it

Page 6

Parts of your xo Pages 5 and 6 might switch places

Diagram of parts of the laptop. This will be used to teach children the terms used in the rest of the manual. media:Drawing75c1.jpg doesn't work because it's too technical and because the color balance is off

Media:lappyAnatomy.jpg Here's a sample graphic without labels, notice that details are enlarged to increase comprehension, and textures are simplified to avoid visual confusion, let me know what you think gryphus Newer to this wiki, so if I'm posting improperly feel free to remove my stuff!

Page 7

Your xo in Tablet Mode (parts/diagram)

Page 8

Starting up your XO (for the very first time)

A screencap of the first startup dialog. Hopefully the dialog of taking a picture of the user.

Startup Dialog Page(s)

Taken by ttuttle: Simple_Manual_Images

Main Screens

Covered briefly in two pages

Left page

Mesh View

Image of a full mesh

Home Page

Ring and activities (but not frame)

Network Pages

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