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Slider Puzzle Lesson 3: “My Own Picture” (Conveying original ideas)

  1. From the Home screen of your XO, click on the “Paint” program.
  2. Explore how the Paint activity works. Play and experiment with all the fun features (brushes, bucket, spray, different colors, etc.)
  3. Create a picture that you would like to turn into a Slider puzzle. Save it as “sliderpuzzle1” and close Paint.
  4. Open the Slider Puzzle.
  5. Click on the “My Own Picture” button to find your “sliderpuzzle1” image. A file finder window will open -- look for “sliderpuzzle1” and click on it. Then click the “OK” button. The file finder will close and your image will appear in the Slider Puzzle.
  6. Play with your puzzle. Could you solve it? What made it hard or easy to solve? Switch laptops with a friend and try to solve one of their original puzzle images.
  7. Share your experiences as a group: What makes an image easy or difficult to solve as a puzzle? Which strategies were helpful? One student should record this conversation on their XO Laptop using the “Write” program.
  8. Now try creating a puzzle picture using the Camera. Take a photo and save it as “sliderpuzzle2” and close Camera. Go back to Slider Puzzle and open the new image from “My Own Picture” as before, then play with it.
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