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Slider Puzzle Lesson 4: “Animals” (Independent Study Project example)

  1. Pick a theme or subject you want to study, such as Animals. (Some other ideas might be: family, historical figures, planets, health, nutrition, home, country, or maps.)
  2. Use “Paint” to draw a picture of a favorite animal or use “Camera” to take a picture of an animal you see everyday.
  3. Put your animal image in the Slider Puzzle.
  4. Use the “Write” activity on your XO to make a list of questions about the animal such as: What does it eat? Where does it live? How does it make babies?
  5. Try to answer the questions you wrote down about the animal. Use the internet and books. Ask other students and grown ups what they know about the animal.
  6. Present your picture and some facts you learned about the animal to your class. Explain why you chose this animal and how you got information about it. Talk about how you created the image with Paint or the Camera.
  7. Discuss any challenges you had in researching your animal.
  8. Have a class volunteer write down a list of these challenges on the XO or the classroom wall, adding to it after each student talks about their animal.
  9. Think together about different ways to find answers to the questions.
  10. Try solving each other’s Animal Slider Puzzles.
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