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Slider Puzzle Lesson 6: Create Your Own Flag


  • Understand the purpose of a flag.
  • Reflect and think about individual characteristics.
  • Come up with symbols to represent these characteristics.
  • Practice presenting individual ideas to others.
  • Create an image using skills previously learned on the computer.
  • Build a newly created image on the Slider Puzzle.


1) Using the “Paint” activity, design your own flag that symbolizes YOU. Place objects, symbols, colors and designs that are meaningful and representative of YOU. If you have difficulty coming up with ideas, talk to other students, they might help to spark ideas in your imagination.

2) Share your own personal flag with the class and explain the symbols you included on it. (For example, one girl’s flag might have many hearts because she has a lot of love for the people around her; another boy might have pictures of books because he love to read).

3) Put your newly created flag into the Slider Puzzle.

4) Walk around and solve each other’s puzzles.

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