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PyLiteAdmin -- Database Competence is Strategic

SQLite is included in python 2.5 and therefore on every XO.

This auspicious situation presents an opportunity to provide early hands-on experience with SQL and a local database application. Once database concepts are understood, the student can graduate to the more complex client/server environment which has become one of the dominant paradigms for online web applications (using Linxux, Apache, Mysql, Php --LAMP). The school server will be a LAMP server.

There is a Firefox extension which administers sqlite databases at At present this extension runs correctly under Firefox 2 and Firefox 3. The extension itself is less than 100K bytes.

The Firefox application can be installed on the XO and occupies about 25Mbytes of NAND disk space.

The extension runs correctly in a ubuntu 8.04 linux environment under xulrunner. But in the XO, with the xulrunner that is part of the OLPC software base, the extension does not run correctly. Eventually this can be corrected, and Firefox will not be required to get SQLite management capability.

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