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Speak activity is available in both XO 1 and XO 1.5. In here, whatever user type in the text box will be used by the activity and it will read it out for the user with pronunciations. When user types a question under the “ask robot any question” tab, the activity will speak out the answer where the user can hear it clearly. User can do the voice chat with friends. User can change the pitch and rate of the voice and change the face. This is good for a child to start learning on word pronunciation.

How did you do the testing?

  • First I went through the Speak Activity to get an idea about that activity.
  • Then I went through the OLPC WIKI links to get an idea on how it works.
  • I performed Smoke Testing to confirm my understanding on the activity.
  • Then started to design the tests using the Decision Tree Diagrams.
  • According to Decision Tree Diagrams, I wrote the test cases using the Test Case template.
  • After completing the Peer and Lead Reviews, started the Testing and recorded the Test Results.

What kind of problems that you had to face?

  • Downloading issues.
  • Previously raised defects were not fixed in newly released builds.
  • No proper understanding about some functionality, due to lack of information available.
  • As a solution, went through the WIKI, Google mailing list to clarify those functionalities as possible.

Defects you have found:

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