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Library interface : A dynamic and searchable view of the collections and activities on one's XO, including data from one's Journal and from accessible online collections; including a way to add new collections to what is locally accessible, and a way to explicitly see and update one's local cache.

Educational categories : A set of top-level categories for early education, from the source at core library topics, according to guidelines for category priority, with a section for new category suggestions.

one globally. localized*.

XO core content : A set of bundles about the XO and other, filtered up via the featured content page, selected by the {OLPC team}.

one per language*.

XO bundle archive : A set of activity and library bundles stored on-disk, not quite as good or central as the core library but shipped on every laptop. Includes other featured content, bundles chosen for their compliance with the featured content guidelines

one globally. localized*.

Exemplary content bundles : Bundles covering a specific topic in broad, simple strokes, with links to originals and further information online, and clear attribution of authors and curators.

one for select topics (biology, picturbooks, &c). localized*.

XO core activities : A set of core activities that ships on every build (no distinction between 'olpc-maintained', 'etoys-maintained', &c), selected from the list at core activities by the {OLPC team}.

XO bundled activities : A set of activities included in the XO bundle archive, from the list of featured activities, selected for their compliance with featured activity guidelines.

XS school content : A set of free/NC bundles and large datasets for a school library, including all featured bundles; drawn from the [[featured collections]] list and guided by the relevant guidelines, in three versions:

(1) for a 1GB USB stick ( one per language )
(2) for a DVD ( one globally, many langs )
(3) for 150GB of disk ( one globally, " ", with regional non-free variants)

Global library : guidelines for contributing content and code to, organizing, and browsing the global library of collections of material produced by the XO network.

one globally, localized.

Library network : Guidelines for defining and linking to [[local repositories]] of libraries and collections designed for use with the XO; including non-free additions to the XSL (3), existing digital libraries, and any other materials.

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