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This page documents the startup sequence design, as detailed in trac ticket #1543.


Initialization of every boot

These graphics are drawn by open firmware. (needs work: trac #534)

Step 1: off
Step 2: static XO man

Linux boot happens here with screen frozen by DCON.

Activation sequence

Skipped when activation lease is already valid. (complete)

These simple graphics are drawn by Linux initrd directly onto the framebuffer.

Step 3a: Lease found on SD card
Step 3b: Activation failed.

(Activation failed graphics are either locks or question marks, depending on the cause of the failure; see discussion in closed trac bug #1328.)

Loading animation

Occurs on every boot. (These frames can be edited on an XO to try out alternate sequences. See Tweaking the boot animation for details.)

(smoother version is trac #3299)

Step 11 frame 00: "Clock" animation
Step 11 frame 01: "Clock" animation
Step 11 frame 02: "Clock" animation
Step 11 frame 10: "Clock" animation
Step 11 frame 20: "Clock" animation
Step 11 frame 22: "Clock" animation
Step 11 frame 24: "Clock" animation
Step 11 frame 25: "Clock" animation
Step 11 frame 26: "Clock" animation
Step 12: Sugar started.

First boot setup sequence

Assign names, colors, photo. Skipped once performed the first time. Drawn by X. Some transition is needed before step 4, since init/X/python startup takes a significant amount of time. Use the same graphics as the "loading animation" but with generic XO colors? (trac #3300)

(name selection: doesn't match design, trac #3296)

Step 4: Entering "first" name
Step 5: Entering "last" name
Step 6: Selecting the "next" button

(color selection: needs work, trac #2336)

Step 7: Color selection?
Step 8: Color selection?

(photo selection: needs work, trac #3297)

Step 9: Taking photo?
Step 10: Done?

Shutdown animation

See trac #692


  • Open Firmware currently displays some diagnostic information about boot sources. These icons are missing from Step 2 (and subsequent steps?).
  • Linux userland startup happens between activation and first boot setup; this needs some sort of animation. trac #3300
  • Clock animation, if not done in X, will need to freeze between steps 11 and 12.

Related trac bugs

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