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S.T.I.R.M.E.—Secure Transparent Instant Realtime Mesh Elections


Where is your source code? Release early and release often! Jpritikin 01:27, 17 May 2008 (EDT)


The idea behind this project is to provide the means for an instant electronic vote that is trustable, representative and is not dependant on a central authority. Any node can serve both as a voting centre or as a voting booth. This software should be extremely easy to use so that we could target the OLPC project (but not exclusively). It could then be used as a mean of teaching about democracy as well as an actual tool that will allow any community, whether it be local (classrooms, schools) or virtual (NGO's, open source projects) to participate in any decision process.

Our current tasks include:

  • Polishing up our design vision so we can:
  • Setting up our infrastructure:
    • Request a laptop ;-)

We have a mailing list where you can subscribe and help or ask questions

Use Cases

  • Juan is a schoolteacher and his class needs to choose a president. He creates a new election on the voting centre in his computer and invites the class to vote. He takes the opportunity to show the students the multiple ways election mechanisms can directly effect their lives.
  • Pepe and a few friends see problems with the current school system. They create an election in an independent voting centre on a public server for their schoolmates where they can propose and decide in a representative way about actions they can take.
  • Andrea's class breaks into an argument about how to approach a school project. They don't seem to be reaching an agreement, so Andrea quickly sets up a vote on her laptop and invites everyone to decide in a representative way.
  • An open source community grows and its leader wants to open up the project for a more democratic representation. He provides the software for download on the project's page and invites the community to vote for a constitution on the project's online voting centre.
  • An NGO wants volunteers around the world to decide quickly on certain course of action and it provides an online voting centre for volunteers to subscribe to.


  • Complete Sugarization (work in progress)
  • Administration interface
  • Results computation using a variation of a Condorcet method
  • Communication using Tubes

External Links

The beautiful thing about network contexts is we can share and build together. We'll be keeping external links for inspiration and collaboration.

Other projects

  • Demexp - the democratic experience.
  • Open Voting Consortium has a downloadable Live CD image of a voting system written in Python. Ed Cherlin is a founding member of OVC.
  • Votorola is software for hosting open elections. It implements an electoral system that sits outside of government and beyond the control of parties. Its voter lists are backed by a trust network that is rooted in local neighborhoods. It enables communities to advance their own candidates for public office, their own policies for executive action, and their own legislative bills for statutory law.

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