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Lesson 5: Creating Stories on the Story Builder with Dialogue

“Dialogue” is another word for talking. When you tell a whole story by having the characters in it talk to each other, you are writing dialogue.

Movies, television shows and plays tell stories using dialogue. Think of a favorite movie (or television show or play). Who is your favorite character? Do you remember something that character said?

Try writing words for the characters in a story of your own.

Note: You can do this activity alone, or with a partner.

  1. Open the MaMaMedia Activity Center from the XO Home screen.
  2. Open the Story Builder from the MaMaMedia Activity Center.
  3. Create a story by picking the background and the characters.
  4. As you look at the scene, think about what the character or characters might say. What is the story behind this picture? Where are they? What is happening?
  5. Act out this scene with your partner. You can be one character and your partner can be the other.
  6. Write down what each character says in the text box. Remember to include the story elements (setting, characters, problem, resolution.)
  7. Save what you have written by clicking the SAVE button.
  8. Share your story and picture with your class. Read the dialogue aloud with your partner.
  9. After everyone reads their story, discuss these questions: How does the dialogue change the story? How is dialogue different from a story narrator describing a scene?
  10. Have one student take notes from this discussion on his or her XO laptop.
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