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These are high level targets for BTest-3. The major features for generation one should all be at least prototyped at this date.

Homepage Devices 5 5 Battery device, wireless network device.
Drag keys 5 6 They should allow to scroll pages in the activities. Design not fully figured out.
Journal activity 10 10 No comments, no sharing functionalities. Supported by browser, chat and write activity. Page to configure the user profile (color, name etc).
Frame interaction 8 3 Complete the implementation of the details to make the frame not annoying when playing with activities scrollbars
Frame rollovers 5 4 The ability of doing the different states, probably depends on animation being fast enough. Which is uncertain for BTest-3.
Rollovers style 8 3 Switch to the new rollovers visual style.
Clipboard 8 9 Fix the interaction problems with the frame. Good previews for some text, web page and image objects.
Chat activity 7 8 Rewrite the chat user interface to match sugar visual style. We will need a visual design.
Overlay bubble chat 5 8 Unlikely that we will be able to make it transparent. We might stack it over a static screenshot of the screen at activation. No message grouping and positioning.
Write activity 6 9 Switch to the rollover toolbar. Integrate with the journal. Prototype mesh collaboration.
Ebook activity 6 9 Support for crossmark and pdf. Read-only.
Links sharing 6 5 We have an initial implementation of this. We need better preview of the web page and something more intuitive than the + button in the toolbar.
Home page 9 8 Keyboard activation, drag and drop, rollover, memory relative wedges.
Base activity API 8 8 We need to review and complete it. The wrapper API will be python only for g1 (still posible to use dbus to integrate not python activities)
Channels API 8 8 With xmpp implementation for the server case, so that we are able to communicate outside the local link.
Graphics API 6 10 Lots of work on HippoCanvas, documentation. The sugar specific parts will be python only for g1.
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