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This page is a quick tutorial on how to use the standard icons in your activities.

Standard Sugar Cursors


They are available at

usage with pygame

  1. Download the Sugar-Icons from here
  2. Extract the icon you want to use (36x36 px)
  3. Enlarge the canvas to be 40x40px (or any multiple of 8)
  4. Save it as an .xbm image (note that if you are using Gimp, choose "Export" and do not choose "X10 Format Bitmap" for the resulting file)
  5. Create a mask. This is done with the tool xbm-mask
    ("xbm-mask my_cursor_file.xbm" creates a file called "my_cursor_file_mask.xbm")

  1. Now, in pygame you can use this code:
a, b, c, d = pygame.cursors.load_xbm("my_cursor_file.xbm", "my_cursor_file_mask.xbm")
pygame.mouse.set_cursor(a, b, c, d)
  • To get the white border around the icons, you need to make another mask:
    1. Draw a black line around the white border of the icons
    2. Save it as .xbm (eg. black pointer > white border > black border > transparency)
    3. Create a (and overwrite the old) mask-file again
    4. Remove the black border around the white one
    5. Save and enjoy!

Pre-converted Examples

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