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  • 8/25 Design freeze (design work continues, but we pick what we have at this date for M1)
  • 9/10 User experience review (-> fix the issues)
  • 9/17 Feature freeze
  • 10/1 Hard freeze (only well tested, reviewed, urgent changes goes in)


Activity view

  • Title.
  • Invite button.
    • Bring up the friends list.
  • Share button.
  • Close button.

Home page

  • Activity bar.
    • Click opens an activity.
    • Animation on hover.
  • Activity circle.
    • Click activate an activity.
    • Animation on hover (?)
  • Invites bar.
    • Click join the activity.
    • Animation on hover.

Friends page

  • Friend icons.
    • No active activity icon.
  • Start a chat (how?)
    • Send chat messages.
    • Send skecthes.

Mesh page

  • Buddy + activity icons.
  • Join the activity (how?)

Browser activity

  • Home page google
  • Navigation toolbar on the bottom
    • Back
    • Forward
    • Reload
    • Collapsed address entry
  • Popups blocked.
  • Downloads disabled.

Group chat activity

  • List of buddies.
    • What to do with the buddy icons? No way to add them.
    • Add to friends button.
  • Send chat messages.
  • Send skecthes.

Memory game activity

Whatever we can do by the feature freeze.


(**) = High priority

User interface

See the feature list


  • Friends data model. (**)
  • Invites. Need to discuss the details with Dan. (**)
  • Colors. Need to discuss the details with Dan. (**)
  • Gtk theme. Pick a sane code base, fix chat and activity view style.
  • Disable the emulator on the OLPC, adapt resolution.
  • No crashes in the browser, solve issues with downloads and popups.


  • Package goocanvas.
  • Package pygoocanvas.
  • Package libwnck.


  • Ring or not ring. (**)
  • Should we have an animation on ring elements hover?
  • How do we start a chat from the friends page?
  • How do you join an activity from the mesh page?
  • What to do with the buddy icons? No way to add them. Maybe just use xo for M1.
  • How do we choose the xo color? Random for M1?


  • Unregister browser activity services on destroy.
  • Remove buddies from the presence view when they leave.
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