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notes: should be openoffice doc, preferably. all text should be text, as we'll be translating this poster into different languages. items in italics can be filled with lorem ipsum; we'll put in final wordings & translations later.

One Laptop Per Child – Summer of Content

[Icons of OLPC and SOCON]

Develop content to help educate millions of children around the world....

What is One Laptop Per Child ?

space for a ~50 word paragraph of text

What is Summer of Content ?

space for a ~50 word paragraph of text

What are you looking for ?

space for 4 bullet points, ~30 words each. bulletpoints will be of the format

  • position - description & qualifications - deadline

Example Projects <5 single-sentence bullet points>

How can I find out more?

space for an url and ~10 word sentence

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