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This page will be updated with news from the Summer of Content 2007 season as things progress. Feel free to add your own news announcements or any press coverage you might find to this page.

July 18, 2007 - We've launched! 
Thanks to a flurry of behind-the-scenes efforts by many volunteers, we're up, running, and ready for applications just three weeks after the original idea was hatched in a tiny room in Vancouver. Help us brainstorm project ideas, find out how you can be an intern or a mentor, or catch our sessions at Wikimania!


This is the schedule for the Summer of Content 2007 program. If you'd like to hold an event (for instance, a local gathering of all Summer of Content interns in your city) list yours here.

  • Matchmaking: August 1 - September 14
  • Project work: August 17 - October 26 (each intern, with the approval of their mentor, picks the 6-week period that works best for them within that timeframe)
    • 1 week into project: Interns (with the help of mentors) send project plans to SoCon
    • 3 weeks into project: Mentors send interns midterm feedback reports
    • 6 weeks into project: Mentors send interns end-of-session feedback reports
  • October 26: Last day work on projects can be completed; all end-of-session feedback reports must be turned in by the end of this day
  • October 29: End celebration
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