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Welcome to the SunriseActivity bug tracking page. This is where users can report bugs found in the Sunrise activity or suggest new features. See the change log for the list of which bugs were fixed or features were added and when.


Report a Bug

This section is for reporting a bug. Please identify which version of the activity and which build of Sugar you were using. Do your best to describe what the bug was and how you found it, so I can try to reproduce the problem. When you add your entry, please do so using the same form as the other bug entries and please adjust the "next bug number". Also, please look at the list of known bugs, below, before adding your report.

  • bug # 7: this is the next bug number.
  • feature # 2: this is the next feature number.

Confirmed bugs that have not yet been fixed

  • bug #2 (version 1, 8.2.1): The algorithms create time values which can be off by +/- 5 minutes or so.
  • Bug #5 (version 2, 8.2.1): There is still no localization, though there is now a POT.
  • Bug #6 (version 2, 8.2.1): The calculation of astronomical twilight is wrong -- the program uses 10 degrees but the definition is 18 degrees.

Features requested but not yet implemented

This is where you get to suggest improvements. Try to suggest what you want without saying how it should be done.

Bugs which have been confirmed fixed as of the current release

The current release is version 2, build 8 of 2010/09/24 at 1630 UT.

  • bug #1 (version 1, 8.2.1): The help URL on the About screen is incorrect -- it should point to the page titled SunriseActivity, not Sunrise.
  • bug #3 (version 1, 8.2.1): There is no POT and therefore no localization.
  • feature #1 added: graphical chart of sky darkness

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