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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Attending: Noah, Danny, Kate Davis, Adam Holt, Jim Gettys, Kim, Yani, Mary Lou, Ricardo, Chih-yu, Rob (Marvell), Mitch, Don Hopkins

From our main wiki page, there is a link in the text to "help", "wiki", and "getting started" (not currently on main page).

Support wiki page: Provides lots of support options and community mailing lists

Noah suggests that there is too much information on the Support pages. Kate suggests that we need to categorize the questions (how to get started, how to connect, how to work with activities).

Which communities should newbies join?

  • (look in
  •, #olpc-help

It is recommended that we use the wiki FAQ for user-facing knowledge db; for both users and community support people to find their answers.

There will be a discussion on community development on Wednesday afternoon - if you are interested contact Adam (holt at

For IRC, we want to use olpc-help rather than olpc-support. We will be spread too thin to try and do both. We will ask our developers to help out here; but we don't want developers to be overwhelmed. The balancing act we have is that if developers are required to meet update1 goals AND answer a bunch of IRC questions. Probably need to delay update1.

  • Don Hopkins, Amsterdam (olpc netherlands user group) asked what he and his group can do to help. And provided some more questions that we should have answers for:
  • How can people get laptops in quantity; working with educational institutions; concrete proposals should probably be sent to walter at
  • How can you pay for 100+ laptops: contact the 'Give Many' program:, 800-379-7017
  • How can I apply to the Developers program?

Things that the Netherlands community could do would include making emulation/virtualization.

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