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Sunday, Feb 17 2008, 4-6PM EST

Community Support Volunteers confirmed: (please add your name if we missed you!)

  • Sebastian Silva (Peru)
  • Aaron Konstam (Texas)
  • Sandy Culver (Massachusetts)
  • Phil Bordelon (Louisiana)
  • ixo (Washington)
  • C. Scott Ananian (1CC)
  • David Aquilina (1CC, New Hampshire)
  • Yani Galanis (1CC, Greece)
  • Mel Chua (1CC, NYC)
  • Ian Daniher (1CC, Ohio)
  • Jeff Daniheer (1CC, Ohio)
  • Nikki Lee (1CC, Olin)
  • Greg Babbin (1CC, New Hampshire)
  • Arjun Sarwal's 3 guests from Lexington, "interested in volunteering" (1CC)
  • Adam Holt (1CC)
  • Others ?

Sorry the meeting did NOT exactly follow this Agenda below :-) But here's the rough summary:

0) Minutes. Who can work with Holt to abbreviate brief minutes?

1) Guest Speaker C. Scott Ananian, core developer speaking in person at 1CC, briefly discussed things like:

   * Antitheft, Activation and Developer Keys:
   * Auto-upgrades -- a look at our realistic tradeoffs:
   * Peru Deployment pre-planning:
   * Who is really?

2) Introductions, Fast!

3) Peru Deployment: how we/others might help during this challenging 250,000+ laptop rollout expected to begin in earnest also around March 1.

4) Community Repair and Parts update -- what Kim & Adam hope to accomplish starting with their Feb 21/22 visit to Brightstar in Libertyville, IL -- eg. with returned machines and beyond:

5) Billing/Shipping -- how can we each march towards MARCH? How would you transform Give Many to enhance its effectiveness? Learning the lessons of G1G1?

6) Perfumed Paper Letters update. Details of new procedures finalized. Review: When we should send flowers to angry G1G1 donors! When we shouldn't!

7) QA Update from Kim, Chih-yu and Adric?

8) OLPC's ongoing reorganization / restructuring begun Wedn Feb 6th: (A) Technology Group, (B) Learning/Deployment, (C) Biz Development, (D) Finance/HR/Admin

9) All Volunteers Speak Their Minds -- what was YOUR toughest challenge this week? What does the OLPC Foundation owe you in return?

10) Documentation Progress Report from Kate, Mel, Me and most important Y-o-u: Which audiences are we addressing today? Tomorrow??

11) Weekly Zine Update from Seth, IainD, Mel Etc: g?

12) Funds Development - how to scale effective street advocacy, genuine cheerleading?

13) Vesna/Holt/SJ on "Social Cartography" -- how 60+ of us here can each get to know each other Much Better? How can we improve ? Has everyone created a teamwiki account? Start here if not:

14) Effective Volunteerism: Give Many: how to *fully* prequalify sales leads?

15) Effective Volunteerism: Community Repair! What will be the *real* issues, post-Chicago?

16) Effective Volunteerism: Qualifying/Coordinating Volunteers! Now that Felice is leaving :(

17) Effective Volunteerism: Donations etc as described in (12) above?? What lessons can we learn from other non-profits and universities?

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