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Tracing and dissembling

Will somebody explain how to get this thing to trace and dissemble? I want to tell the driver to do something and watch what happens with the firmware.  :/ Something tells me I'll have to walk the driver to figure out what it tells the firmware, and walk the firmware to figure out how it reacts, since getting a debugger running IN the 88W8388 is technically hard.

Get JTAG or use an emulator.

Register Descriptions

Take a look at the zipfile at

This appears to contain header files with the descriptions of all the registers for a similar Marvell chip. From disassembling the firmware it appears that at least the WLAN MAC registers are correct.

for example from memmap.h:

WL_INTR_BASE 0x90008000
WL_TIMER_BASE 0x90009000
WL_CFG_BASE 0x80000000

WL_CIU_CFG_ASE 0x80002000
WL_WLMAC_CFG_BASE 0x8000a000 // WLAN MAC base addr
WL_LBU_CFG_BASE 0x8000c000 // Low speed bus unit
WL_LBU_CSU_W82_BASE 0x8000c600 // Baseband registers

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