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HELP!!! How do I track my XO

I ordered an XO laptop on-line through paypal. I got a confirmation email and tracking number. Last week I emailed to find out about a shipping date. I emailed the address they gave me at When I mail I get an autoresponse saying because of the huge demand it will take a 3-5 days to respond to my inquiry, but all laptops should be delivered to the US by January 15th. Since today is the 15th and no laptop-I was wondering if there is a phone or another email where someone can look into my order??I did try the web site-but it does not take my reference number nor my email. I would be happy if someone would just let me know when I might except it to arrive. I would appreciate any suggestions. Kelley

Thank You for the Give One Get One Opportunity

I've been following the one laptop per child movement from the sidelines for sometime now as an MIT alumna and web marketer in higher education. In November, I was very excited to learn of the opportunity to be able to donate a laptop and also get one for my son. I think it is really important for him to be able to share in the experience, learn about education in other parts of the world, and to support this project.

We were especially excited when our XO arrived in time for my eight-year old son to explore the laptop while my 22-year old son was also visiting from the west coast. They have both been very impressed and have had fun together using it. We spent one day walking around Boston, from the Common to Fanueil Hall, along the waterfront to a cafe in the North End, and on the T back through Cambridge, all the while finding hotspots to access the Internet and playing with the sound analyzer and video cam. My older son's friends are all jealous (I'll be directing at least one of them to your XO emulator on PC info) and the mom of two of my younger son's friends was going to look into giving and getting an XO for them, too, altho I don't know if she made the December 31st deadline -- will you be having another window of opportunity to do this?

Also, I saw the previous comment where someone suggested including a placard with donated laptops and wanted to share an alternate suggestion my sons and their friends had come up with -- wouldn't it be cool if the paired "given one" and "gotten one" laptops automatically networked with each other, sort of like online penpals?

Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work! 12:13, 3 January 2008 (EST)suedown 01/03/08

Status of orders placed in December

My wife couldn't stand it and ordered a G1G1 sometime in mid December. Do you have a window for shipping these units? Bill

thank you for my xo

Thank you for my new XO, I love it. The only thing I cannot get used t0 is the keyboard made for tiny hands, as my adult fingers are just too big. I also very much appreciate the 1 yr/ free access to t-mobile hotspots and am using one right now, it works great! I hope the child who receives my donated computer is able to learn and enjoy it as much. thanks again for this opportunity & I will spread the word about OLPC! donna

Got mine. Patience, young Skywalker.

There is no excuse for the shipping limbo

I did a VISA charge back today. This is ridiculous. I ordered on Nov 13th. Still no laptop. It was a Christmas gift for my young son. I feel I've been taken advantage of... OLPC owes everyone a big apology. If they can't ship one to my son, why should I believe they are shipping them to Africa or wherever?

I think I'm going to pursue a VISA charge back as well. After the very hopeful email earlier this week telling me I'd find out something today, I got this: "Dear Donor,
I have located your donation and your donation confirmation number is 70000XXXXX. Your laptop is currently in our warehouse and preparing to be shipped. You should expect to receive your laptop in February. There is no tracking number currently available because you laptop has yet to ship. Once your laptop ships, you can track it by entering your reference number at Thank you for your interest in One Laptop Per Child.
Donor Services"
So it appears the fabled January 23rd email is more of the same "in the warehouse and preparing to be shipped" that I've heard for over a month now.
OLPC never fails to disappoint. -Awexome 16:19, 23 January 2008 (EST)
Well, no contested charges for me. With no warning, my xos showed up about ten minutes ago! So this is being posted via XO. And I have to say it's amazing. Fantastic job on the computer and the software. (We'll just never mention the shipping again) -Awexome 12:46, 26 January 2008 (EST)

Canadian "Get" laptops are in. "Early 2008" is an excuse; a "sleight of hand" to distract from the fact that there is no shipping window for these laptops.

Canadian donors... talk to your financial institution about disputing the charges to your credit card. You can, despite OLPC's terms and conditions.

Oh, indeed!! Worse yet, there was no signature requirement, so FedEx is refusing to open claims without OLPC's request. Try getting a hold of anyone at OLPC to get this claim process started, and you'll know the meaning of the word, "frustration." They claim my laptop was shipped, but OLPC failed to send an email with the tracking number until FIVE DAYS after it was to have arrived. Naturally, I'm out a laptop, and neither FedEx or OLPC seems to be able to comprehend the issue.

Shipment to Canada has begun. Again, our apologies for the delay. --Walter 09:57, 12 January 2008 (EST)

How about a front page apology to all US donors who still don't have an XO and still have no tracking number? How about a reply to emails? Or less than an hour phone hold times? Or people on the other end that can actually tell us something? How about some real updates on when people are going to see their XOs? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 11:03, January 12, 2008 EST

We are working with our donor services contractors to improve process, service, and communication. Note that almost all messages to help AT on technical questions receive answers, albeit eventually. ffm 16:11, 12 January 2008 (EST) and --Walter 17:27, 12 January 2008 (EST)

So, it appears as if the 15th will come and go and I will still not have my XO laptops, or even communication sent to me telling me that my order has been delayed, no reason given, nothing. This is sorely dissappointing. You have now had my money for two months, and I still have no laptop, t-mobile code, or any indication or reason to believe that the Give1 XOs are not suffering a similar fate. - 19:42, 14 January 2008 (EST)

We don't manage shipping. The reason your laptop is taking so long to get to you is mostly because our shipping priority is the third world, we are trying to get them their laptops, as they have more urgent needs. We are working on it, and will get you yours as soon as possible. ffm 19:55, 14 January 2008 (EST)
That would be fine if everything on laptopgiving from day one till today didn't tell me that I should have had the Get1 laptops I ordered by December 24th. Obviously, since I participated, I want this them you speak of to get their laptops, but that, just like "we're a non-profit" is no excuse for horrible planning and customer service. - 20:13, 14 January 2008 (EST)
May I suggest that you send email to help AT They may be able to help. But they cannot provide much guidance in regard to anonymous postings. --Walter 20:34, 14 January 2008 (EST)

January 16th. No XO. No tracking number. No indication from OLPC or Brightstar when it will arrive (after hours on the phone and numerous emails). Not even an email telling me it wouldn't be arriving by 12/24. All indications on the page saying that I should have reveived it by at the very latest yesterday. Bang-up job on this whole G1G1 thing, gents. - 16:48, 16 January 2008 (EST)

Another hour and a half on hold to be told that it's now "mid-February" and no one has any idea why my laptop hasn't shipped or what's going on with it. No reasons, no explanations. I think G1G1 is a scam, and I will be contesting all charges with the help of my credit card company. Cheerio! - 18:20, 16 January 2008 (EST)

January 17th I'm in Ottawa. I ordered mine on the first day (Nov 12th) and it was sitting on my porch when I got home yesterday. No duty or taxes were charged. By coincidence I checked the OPL tracking site yesterday during the day with my reference number but it just produced the "well get you you in January/February" message.

Jan 17th and still no word on my order. I did a phone order Nov 19th and didn't receive conformation via email until 12/15/07. I went to the tracking section with my confirmation number in hand and recieved no new information just the dates I was told a long time ago. I still don't know if my laptop is one of the november ones or a december order. Anyone else in my boat? -- Koolkat 10:04, 17 January 2008 (EST)
Received an email today saying that they knew about my issues and I think I am one of the notebooks scheduled to be shipped on the 21st of January. No tracking info as of yet, but hopeful that the laptop will be shipped eventually. Not quite like being able to take it back with me on the plane, but I hope shipping isn't all that bad. -- Koolkat 06:10, 21 January 2008 (EST)
Another email asking for the same information again, but this time to be phoned in to them. Explained that I am in the UK and not in the states so the 1800 number will not work. I can call them on my mobile, but that should be unnecessary, as they in theory should be able to fix it themselves. Recieved an email today stating that: "I will send this on to get taken care of by hand. If you don't hear back within a week, please send another email reminder so that we can give you a progress report. Thanks for your patience!" I will update again to see if anything changes. -- Koolkat 06:18, 24 January 2008 (EST)
Yet another email from them this time a new relevation
There will be big news this week explaining this entire situation. Keep your eyes peeled on (1) where a much more comprehensive order-tracker should be available later this week and (2) updates on how each donor can get the quickest resolution should be posted on going forward, as well as our main page likely too later this week:
About 5000 laptops will be arriving over the coming week. Then another batch will be arriving later, due to production delays. Hope that help! Stay posted as we finally clear all this up.
So maybe there is hope. I wonder what the information that will be given out later this week is? Possibly that they hadn't expected the demand and there was some sort of lottery system behind the scenes to determine when people would get their laptop? Wouldn't suprise me. -- Koolkat 11:20, 28 January 2008 (EST)
Another update
We're happy to inform you that your XO laptop has shipped. In order to help you get the most out of your experience with the XO and One Laptop per Child (OLPC), here are some important links. Please save this email for reference. To find out everything you need to know to get started with your XO laptop, please click here or visit Your order reference number: Edited out Please click here to track your order on our website. For Terms and Conditions of the Give One Get One initiative, click here. To learn more about T-Mobile USA's offer to provide one year of complimentary access to T-Mobile HotSpot, click here. Please note that to activate this offer, you will need to enter your Give One Get One order reference number: editedout From all of us at OLPC, thank you for your participation in Give One Get One. Your gift will help give children around the globe amazing, new opportunities to grow, explore, learn and express themselves. We hope you enjoy your XO laptop!
So I am guessing it will be at my house sometime soon. Then only a nice cross atlantic trip and I will finally be able to check it out. Here's to everything working (in theory) -- Koolkat 09:26, 31 January 2008 (EST)
Woohoo, just got an email and the laptop is at home, now just a small wait until it gets to the UK. -- Koolkat 04:56, 1 February 2008 (EST)

Same boat... All I keep getting is "all circuits are busy" and the same ridiculous, unhelpful message that all laptops will ship in the US by 1/15. Guess what?! It's 1/17... and still now real response from anybody but an autobot.

At the very least, thanks for the changing of the tracking page. It helps to see something telling me that I should not necessarily already be posting to this wiki on my XO. -Awexome

I just wanted to check on things, am still on hold after an hour, no tracking number and I am in the US. Oh well, so much for OLPC.

One response after three emails sent. One call where I received very little information. They should do a lot better. I plug my information into the tracking page and get squat. At least I don't get an invalid ID anymore. Just a generic "We are working hard..." message with a broken link.

My name is Dion and I to am having the same problem. I orderd my computer in early December. I have no Kowledge of when it is coming, just the usual run around and broken links. Here is something that everyone is missing. I understand that this is a gift for a third world country, and that is the major reason for my pledge, but did they dare to stop and think about the child I purchased this for. The girl who has to go to school every day talking about a Christmas Gift that she still hasn't recieved, and may never recieved. I am begining to wonder if the third world reciepints have received their laptops at all. It strikes me very odd that they would be able to manage third world distribution over Continental. Hmmmm!!!! We deceided yesterday the 21st of January to try and cancel our order and just go and buy a laptop. We did recieve a response on this. Our order is being processed for shipping and can not be cancelled. My order has been processed for shipping for a very long time now, yet still no information. They tell me to use my reference number to track the progress. When I go to that page I receive a general message with no time frame and then a link to track it again. Yet when I attempt that I get a broken link message. I am starting to wonder how much thought and planning both went in to the computer and the logistics. Someone had mentioned I hope these guys are honored. Tell that to the child waiting for her Christmas Gift. I will give the Laptop people one more week and then I am cancelling my Payment.

Well I have recieved a tracking number. Then afterwards 30 minutes later I recieved a following e-mail stating they are waiting for more inventory for delivery. We will see how it goes.

New news. The tracking number was for something else I had ordered. So basically NO COMPUTER STILL.


I repeat if you haven't recieved your order CANCEL IT!!!!!!!!!!!

New news today. Laptops are now 45-60 Days away from being delivered. These people are full of shit. How is last week I couldn't cancel my order because my Laptop was being shipped, now it isn't even built, or the people they gave the paypal shipping excuse to. Had you not have lied to me I would have been allright, but lie after lie after lie, pisses me off, especially in a donation situation. I apologize to whomever was supposed to receive the laptop overseas, but blame the company not me. I am getting my money back before this company dissapears.

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