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Project ideas.

  1. "Map" activity, playing with maps : MediaMods & Erik Blankinship
  2. Interactive atlas : simple view of the world, with free multilingual political map data
    support version with ultra-low disk version that may take a while to regenerate a new lens
    ability to add a static map (note geocoords of a few points on it, and the projection; add to kml database?)
    where is the best data? placenames : (from the nima gazetteer) languages? aerial maps: openaerialmap. political data: un? fao / yaron tischler. topographic data: usgs? contour srtm data?
    nb: poke WorldWind & GMaps for sources
    see the opengeodata activity via; the NWestern worldgis / arcview clone that comes with data.
  3. OurStories overlays : sharing that metadata
  4. Sensible Cities : wifi triangulation with access points...
    connect Allan with Ypod
  5. Map proposals (via G!?) : for georss, in and out; for museum without walls
  6. Working with OpenAerialMap and similar : use georss for this?
    describe how to do superoverlays this way
    demo viewer app from Chris DiB?
  7. Aggregation toolchain for the school server and global servers.


  • Web Map Server : encode map corners in a URL. Get layers from multiple servers.
    bundle multiple server descriptions together to render a result
    store the multilayer map description. See
  • Map Server uses something like this for dynamically generating views
  • Modern tiling solutions are more for static views with limited dynamic overlays.

Wikipedia Geo datas

Hello, i'm user:Kolossos[1] at Wikipedia. For geodatas please take a look at:

There is also a dump in around 200 languages ready for download.

For commons we have also a project:

Which could be interesting. I think it it be interesting to design in games on the base of this datas and backround informations. -- 08:28, 4 March 2008 (EST)

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