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Barbados and paying the olpc deployment with CO2e certificates

I've added this page because of this: The ‪#‎CDM‬ Executive Board has elected Hugh Sealy of Barbados as Chair and Lambert Schneider of Germany as Vice-Chair for 2014:

You appear to keep copying and pasting the same content into a new page for every country you hear about. You might instead use templates, or redirect pages; e.g. make each island a redirect page to a general purpose page for islands. When you run out of countries and islands, will you next create a page for each city? You are also polluting the use of categories; it is now impossible to use the Budget, Guides, OLPC FAQ, or Deployment planning category pages, because they link to pages that contain no content at all on those categorisations. You are making this Wiki less useful than it was. --Quozl 00:01, 20 February 2014 (UTC)
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