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Moved from the article:

  • If I search for "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe, I want the original work by Edgar Allan Poe that my friends have read. I should not read to the end of "The Black Cat" to find there is a new ending added by Zelda.
  • However, Zelda should be free to create a new versionmy desire to read Edgar Allan Poe's original work, should not constrict SJ's, or anyone else's, freedom to create a new version. When SJ changes "The Black Cat" he should also change the CREATOR field and make sure the acknowledgements file references Edgar's original work. We could not find a more elegant way to do this without making the format of bib_info much more complex. ---Bryan Berry

This isn't a corner case; we are trying to caputre information that is usually left out of bibliographies but is citical in a world where there is active sharing editing and reuse.

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