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Stuff we could make

for teachers

  • A guide for teachers on how to teach students about free culture
    • lesson plans?
    • hand-outs?
    • videos?
  • lists of good local speakers willing to visit a class
  • project stipends/minigrants

for students

  • project stipends/minigrants (even loans)
  • A guide for students on how to start/run/contribute-to free culture projects
  • match with mentors
    • older students from their school who have done open license projects in the past
    • people outside their school, but in the open content/source community


  • networking/idea-sharing space online
  • local gatherings in person
  • a section on instructables for fully open-sourced or public domain projects
  • tshirts, because you can always make tshirts.


potential partners

  • Olin College
  • MIT?
  • Creative Commons
  • OLPC
  • Wikipedia/Wikibooks (Wikimedia in general)
  • Make Magazine
  • Instructables
  • Sourceforge?
  • O'Reilly

notes from lauren

In general, professors like to teach around their research interests. It seems like your best bet would be to contact professors who already have practical assignments built into their syllabi, and then talk to them about how they could make their projects/assignments apply specifically to OLPC. Good places to start-- game design classes and ed schools.

Off the top of my head:

  • WorldWideWorkshop is running some sort of pilot at George Washington, or American, or one of those DC schools. That might be a good place to start.
  • Fred Benenson, who I met at the Columbia Free Culture meeting, is enrolled at NYU's ITP program. I know a few other people who go there, too.
  • Columbia Teachers College might also be interested, since they're really focusing on their tech/education programs. If I talk to my friend Jess Hammer this week, I'll mention it. (She goes/teaches there).
  • The CMU HCI and ETC masters programs. When I was working at Elias Arts, we "commissioned" some research from them, so they're not averse to gearing class projects around an outside organization. Not sure if that requires money, though.
  • The new director of IT where I work, at the CUNY Honors College. He started this summer, so I haven't had to interact with him yet. Will prob be able to tell you more after the school year starts.

People to talk to

IIT (India)

folks to ask

  • manu

Fudan (China)


folks we should ask

  • hal abelson
  • <insert names of all olpc-related professors here>

Harvard (USA)

folks we should ask

  • lynn stein (on sabbatical there from Olin this coming year)
  • margo seltzer

Stanford (USA)

  • lessig

Oregon State Univeresity (USA)

folks we should ask

  • Tim Budd
  • Carlos Jensen


Olin (USA)

professors already have students build projects for many of their classes, and some of the profs are already into open content. See main Olin website.

interested people

  • Mel Chua ('07 - interested in helping to run CFFC & facilitating Olin stuff)
  • Marco M ('10 - interested in helping out, but not sure how much time can be invested in planning and early involvement)
  • Andy P ('10 - would be happy to talk to profs about it with more info prepared up front (i = open content noob))

folks we should ask

  • gill pratt
  • mark chang
  • allen downey
  • lynn stein
  • raymond yim
  • brad minch
  • debbie chachra
  • jon chambers '06
  • drew harry '06
  • chris murphy '06
  • nikki talbot '06
  • dj gallagher '07
  • chandra little '07
  • matt colyer '07
  • ryan hubbard '08
  • chris dellin '08
  • allison weis '09
  • tim smith '09
  • nikki lee '10
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