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We MUST specify which CC licenses!

Original Comment: This says "OLPC recommends the Creative Commons license for content licensing." but there is not one single license, and they are all quite different. Please can we recommend a specific one, like the CC-BY used on this wiki as it is the simplest for children to understand? I think it is important to only recommend the CC licenses that are free culture licenses. Davelab6

Updated Comment: Jon Philips from Creative Commons writes to me in an email, "Walter Bender and I came up with CC BY across the board where possible on OLPC." so I've updated the wiki article text to reflect this

Niki and Mel

Exchange between Mel (OLPC Jam person) and Nikki (Art community coordinator) - possibly useful for other community coordinators

Nikki's question

i'm still not generally sure how much i should defer to you/inform you. after all, you are actually in direct contact with the people running the project [at the OLPC office].

Mel's answer

In general, you're in charge, and you should improvise as needed except for these five cases (which are, in all honesty, still totally up to you):

  • you need resources from OLPC (space, hosting, useful contacts to talk to) - in which case ping me;
  • we or someone else who's contacted us needs artwork done - in which case we'll forward the request to you;
  • we find resources, people, projects, or do something we think would be useful to you - in which case we'll ping you;
  • you create something (art, a way of structuring the community, great mailing list software, etc) you think would be useful to the non-Art communities (education communities, game development communities, moviemaking communities...) - in which case ping me and we'll help you spread it to the other groups and give you total bragging rights :)
  • you have feedback on how OLPC is supporting the art community or communities in general, or we have feedback on how the art community is going, in which case we should really ping each other tons and tons.

When you get back to the state we need to bring the two of you up to the office to see everything in person (Jessi, you can visit this summer if you're interested), but we can do much of the bootstrapping long distance - I'll reply to Nikki's other email in a moment, it has some *very* good thoughts.

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