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Template letter for contributors

The following template letter (and this note) was written by Kathy Paur. Please proofread the following for factual misstatements, and send it to Etoys, Gcompris, MaMaMedia (or to Lauren for passing on MaMaMedia), and RedHat. And cc me (Kathy)!

Dear <name>,

Thanks so much for your work on <activity>! I'm working on updating our information about XO activities under development, and I also wanted to let you know how we'll be testing and packaging XO activities in the near future.

If you could let me know some information about the current state of your activity, that would be super-helpful to me and will help us coordinate the testing of activities for incorporation into our next content build.

Specifically, please email me the following (and cc ):

  • A short kid-friendly blurb about your activity that we can include on XOs

when we ship them. (We can only include a few activities on the XOs themselves due to drive space constraints. However we want students to be able read descriptions on on their computers so that they can decide which activities they'd like to download from their school servers or from the internet.)

  • any documents or manuals explaining your XO activity (or links to wiki


  • the status of the activity (eg beta test, planning stage, in testing, etc)
  • version number
  • source code location
  • status of the localization you've done for your activity, and link to

localization files if done.

  • list of contributors

Also, we're doing a freeze on new activity code on the 20th and a hard freeze on July 26th for the purposes of our next content build. This may be important for you to know because we can test your activity with children and include it in our next library build if you turn in a polished version by the 26th.

To "turn in" your activity for testing and library inclusion, please do the following three things:

  • Add a trac ticket (via -- and you have to log in to

view this page properly) directing us to test your activity, and include testing instructions.

  • Update (or create) your OLPC wiki page describing your activity.
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