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Is 5744 part of this patch? In the ticket, it refers to Update.1.

What is the relationship between 5317 and 5744 in regard to patches? Are any of these patches tested?

What about the disappearing Journal patch (5494)? Presumably that is part of this ECO?

What about WPA support? Which tickets?

Also, we should explicitly mention Q2D07.

(KQ comments below)=>

  • The tickets represent the bugs that we are under consideration for this USR; but we really need to get the developer who made the change for 656 to say exactly what he did. I believe the solution for this USR is not a fix at all, just a very small workaround to avoid a cleaninstall. Probably NONE of the patches listed in these trac items are actually in this build. We need the developer owner to answer these questions and a link to the actual changelog between 653 and 656. (Scott?)
  • WPA Support and 5494, Uruguay datastore corruption are already in 653 which has been tested and released to Mfg. Here is the 653 Release notes.
  • Q2D07 IS listed in the description below... but maybe you think it needs a trac item(?). I think it is captured both in the description, and in the testing, which now requires that you ensure the correct version of OFW is built with any new OS.
    • Shouldn't this ship with Q2D08 rather than 07? Either will do to get rid of the clock/battery bug, but 08 contains many more fixes and improvements, some of which are inspired by G1G1 support ticket experience.
We haven't had time to do QA on Q2D08. It has lots of changes; we plan to include it in Update.1, but not the ECO. --Walter 22:55, 13 January 2008 (EST)
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