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  • About the Components view

I notice there is an EduBlog Server that will interact with Moodle. It´s not clear whether this server it's a Webapp running on the local Web Server or some daemon server listening on some port specifically for the Blogging Client. Also Greg has started a discussion on whether to base the EduBlog client on the Write activity or doing it via the web Browser. Many auth/login issues are to be taken into consideration.

  • Teachers controlling post

Can any children say, post an entry directly to the school server and will this entry be immediatly visible to the other children ? If so how would a teacher control ? Should there be an state associated to each entry so that say if an entry hasn´t been approved by the responsible teacher it is not visible until the teacher makes it visible ? I'd like to point exactly the converse situation, there should be posible make public something without having had permission from the teacher(maybe on a "Work in Progress" part of the site), because if there is some kind of power abuse there should be some way to show it. Nevertheless, I think that the teacher should be able to delete the entries after a day. Maybe the student could give permission to edit or not to the teacher.

  • Replication

Say we have a network of some XS partner servers. Replication will be done automatically ? Triggered by a teacher?

  • Extending the network of partner servers.

There should be an easy way to add a partnet server to the server's grid. As it happens in reality the Ceibal plan is incremental and several schools will be added from time to time.

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