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I'd say that data sets will be more useful if they relate to how a family and small community will use information to change their lives. While knowing some things may be interesting in the abstract, a family where each has one shirt and maybe one meal per day, will be more interested in how this technology will help them change that situation. So, knowlege sets should be structured to enable families to understand usable technology that can enable their available resources. A knowlege of medicinal plants and illness will be more useful than knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. A knowledge of AIDS transmission as well as malaria, etc, will be more useful than a knowledge of "Live AID", etc. A knowlege of soil biology will be more useful than the history of Con-Agra, etc. Knowledge is not really trivia, but instead understanding how physical and social process work. So, what is probably needed is a guide to useful knowledge appropriate to the particular social situation. That means that guides should show how knowledge is related, and structure knowledge aquisition from the general, common knowledge the community already has, to new, specific applications of that knowledge using the tools the computer can bring or link to. Teaching tools related to environment and human impact and energy efficiency deal with long-term changes that must start small. Appropriate technology such as creative use of fiber, metals, and other materials will be useful. How to make bio-gas generators and paper would be useful. An extremely large number of people deal with these issues everyday, and the computerized information can help them see relationships and provide technical guidance that they can use.

You are talking about knowledge and this page is about data sets/tables

Themes Data Base & Social Service

I would like to propose a Data bank of themes, classified by Grade (K,1,2,3,...,12,U-1,U-2,...) subject, and Theme (example; grade 3, SUBJECT: Mathematics, THEME: Multiplication tables 1 to 6; OTHER THEME: Multiplications Tables 7 to 9) containing 1 to 3 screens (authored in html), followed by several "reactives" composed of a figure or text setting a problem, and 4 options to choose, and the right answer code.

Such Themes, might be purchased by the schools to be used in games, drills, etc., lets say at $5 USD per theme or $0.50 if you upload a Theme.

Themes might be contributad by diabled, elders (>65 years) jobless persons, who need income; they would get 80% of the income generated by their individual contributions, and 20% would go to the Data Base, for reviewing costs.

--- MEXICO, AGS --- --Dagoflores 00:14, 3 October 2007 (EDT)

Um, no? $5 would be a substantial percentage of the total cost of the laptop. Content = Free Specialization is for Insects 17:46, 8 October 2007 (EDT)
no?, $5 is for each SCHOOL, that has hundreds of PC´s, the SCHOOL unloads the reactives to their students PC´s, and the SCHOOL saves $4.50 by paying only $0.50 If they submit a theme (reviewed). ---MEXICO, AGS, --Dagoflores 22:20, 31 October 2007 (EDT)
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